V’s Quote Of The Week…

V’s vision of vicarious valour by vanquishing villainy through vengeful violence against any whose views violate the virtuous vox-populi, is the voyage that vocalises the voracious venture and vanguard of valiant victory!

(Unfortunately, this particular post hits rather too close to home at this moment in time, I reside in the UK where we are currently dealing with an unpleasant rise in prejudice, inequality and dogmatism. To everyone on the outside looking in, please understand that the vast majority of Brits do not agree with the policies of the current administration and we uniformly oppose all forms of bigotry and intolerance)

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Fanatical about comics, gaming and horror movies... but then isn't everyone?

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  1. V is very close to my heart, Bruce.
    Your V paragraph, as well the parenthetical thoughts are very, Very well said.
    Stay true and strong, my good friend.

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    • Thanks, my friend. I am so angry and upset with the direction the UK has taken since that ridiculous Brexit nonsense, in just over a year a General Election beckons, so hopefully we can get past what will then be 14 years of tory rule. Until then, all we can do is endure and speak out against any and all forms of injustice and intolerance.

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  2. Well said. Always speak out. Always. A certain free-thinking sports commentator did just that recently, and he and his supporters have very nicely caused merry hell for the poisoned BBC and their rotton Tory masters.

    V is a timely reminder of how we should be aware of the rot which has been spreading across the UK since the Tories came back to power in 2010. But you can sense better times are maybe ahead, like back in 1997 when the Tories were last outed.

    I still have many friends in the UK who are livid with all what’s happened and is happening there. From here, on the continent, as an ex-European citizen (thanks to Brexit), my life is made much harder by red tape than what it was, and I have lost certain rights and freedoms.

    Here’s to better and truthful times I say, otherwise the wrath of V may become a reality.

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    • My friend, very well said! I am incensed by the direction this country has taken since the divisive (and nonsensical) Brexit vote (of which, now, in a recent poll 63% of the population wished it could be reversed) I stand with Gary Lineker and his stance on the current administration, as do the majority of this broken (but, not yet down and out) country!!

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