Comic Cover Of The Week: Detective Comics #1069

dc1069 main

Well, hey there, fellow fans of fantastic fiction… and yes, we’re back! That’s right your favourite DC dispensing majestic mansion of mystery returns from its ancient slumber to regale you once more with its decidedly delectable DC documentation!

dc1069 1

So, let’s kick off our rambunctious return with an utterly stunning comic cover featuring that cool, compelling, caped and cowled crusader against crime… The Batman. This entrancingly eerie entry into our comic collecting compendium – Detective Comics #1069 – is illustrated by the great Evan Cagle who has been the resident cover artist on ‘tec for the past year and has wowed us every single issue with his dazzling depiction of the dark and surly one. This month also heralds a dynamic duo of variant covers by the terrifically talented – Ivan Reis and, the legendary JH Williams III.

dc1069 2

‘Batman investigates the frozen Azmer, given to him by Mr Freeze and comes to a startling discovery about these ancient demons. Meanwhile, the Azmer begin to pour into the streets of Gotham, taking control of the helpless and the other poor souls the city cares little for… all for the bidding of the Orghams!’

Detective Comics #1069 Is Available At Your Local Comic-Book Emporium Right Now!

Untitled Design

Batman and Detective Comics Are Copyright: DC Comics


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  1. Welcome back, Bruce!
    Rejuvenated and inspired, I hope.

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