Comic Cover Of The Week: One Cover To Rule Them All!

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Felicitations, fellow fans of fantastic fiction, and welcome once more to our crazy cavalcade of cool and compelling comic cover collectables!

And, hoo-boy, there is an astonishing array of illustriously illustrated issues available at your nearby newsstands this week, so many in fact that it was impossible to pick just one. So here, for your decidedly delightful delectation, are my four fantabulous favourites…

Titans United #6 –


I’m a sucker for absolutely anything Starfire, so naturally I fell in love with this captivating cover the moment I laid eyes upon it’s marvellous magnificence! Cover artist in question for this bodacious beaut, is the amazing Jamal Campbell, with interior art handled by by Jose Luis and Jonas Trinidade.

Detective Comics #1052 –


Another DC Comics’ red-headed revelation is the beguiling Batwoman, and this gorgeous painterly piece of Kate Kane by Irvin Rodriguez is utterly stunning! Interior art is handled by Fernando Blanco and Max Raynor, with a tantalising tale by one of my current fave authors, the magnificent Mariko Tamaki.

I Am Batman #6 –


I Am Batman #6 is penned by 12 Years A Slave screenwriter – John Ridley, and follows the unfurling destiny of the new and mysterious variant of The Batman – Jace Fox. This is yet another tremendous tale by Ridley who wowed us recently with his Black Label masterpiece series for DC – The Other History Of The DC Universe. The commendable cover is by Olivier Coipel, and interior art by Ken Lashley and Rex Locus.

Strange Love Adventures #01-


Love is most definitely in the air again, and good ol’ DC Comics are here to warm the cockles of your heart, and brighten your soul with eight enthralling tales of… strange love? including a burly, brawly bodacious bromance between Peacemaker and his elegant Eagle sidekick – Eagly! The compelling cover is by Yanick Paquette, with interior art lovingly crafted by – Geraldo Borges, Jon Sommariva, Scot Eaton, and Pablo M Collar.

Personal pick of the bunch this week is Titans United #6, thanks to it’s radiant cover star – Starfire, but which of the featured foursome is your fave, why not sound off in the comments below!

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  1. My favorite has to be the Detective Comics #1052.
    It has a film noir-esque appeal to me.

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  2. Great batch of covers! πŸ™‚
    My personal favorite is the Strange Love Adventures one. It’s absolutely ridiculous so of course I love it! lol

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  3. Hard to pick a fave as they all rock… but the Strange Love cover is such fun! Love it 😎

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    • Hey there my vintage toy advertising buddy, hope you’re well my friend. All the covers are fantabulous indeed, hence my hesitation in choosing just the one, though with Koriand’r on the cover of Titans United, the decision was ultimately made for me!! πŸ™‚ Hope everything is good with you, it’s always lovely to hear from you. πŸ™‚


  4. I love comic book covers, when my dad showed me a star wars comic book he’d illustrated, I remember seeing the cover art and being so impressed until he told me a different artist did that haha…anyway I like the ‘I Am Batman’ cover.

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    • Comic covers are so important to the medium, it’s an art unto itself, with it’s sole job to sell the contained narrative to the random unsuspecting non comic-book fan. A great cover is, quite possibly, more important than the actual tale and art within the pages themselves. I have been collecting comics for a looooong time, and still to this day will buy an unknown comic-book entity on it’s cover art alone, and, your dad was a comic book illustrator? ooh do tell me more… Thanks so much for reading and commenting! πŸ™‚

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