Precinct1313’s Top Ten Favourite Comic-Book Covers Of All Time: No.01 – Wonder Woman #72 – Brian Bolland

Welcome once again, fellow fans of fantastic fiction, as our classic comic cover crusade reaches its culminating crescendo! In our previous post we introduced you to the astounding artistic antics of Amanda Conner and her stunning and sassy Starfire cover, this iconic instalment we present the superior skills of the bodacious Brian Bolland and his tantalising tribute to the Themysciran Titan with Wonder Woman #72.

wtt cover main

The bombastic Brian Bolland was one of a wave of UK comic creators that during the pinnacle of the popular British comic-book scene in the ’80s was snapped up by larger American comic publishers, such as DC Comics, for their alternate and even irreverent approach to the comic-book medium. Bolland along with other British greats, the likes of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, had impacted the popular caped crusading format by adding a darker edge to characterisation, and a satirical approach to storytelling underlined with a scorn for politics and a strong anti-authoritarian vibe. 

wtt cover multi

Brian Bolland is probably best known in the UK for his stellar work on Britain’s biggest selling anthology comic 2000AD, especially his authoritative take on Judge Dredd, for whom his work on said character, for me, will always be the definitive take visually. Inspired at a young age by artistic greats like Carmine Infantino and Gil Kane, Brian would go on to be one of the most widely sought after artists in the USA, with classics under his utility belt such as Batman: The Killing Joke and Camelot 3000 for DC Comics. It was, however, his run as comic cover artist for DC in the ’80s and ’90s that he is most fondly remembered, especially his phenomenal run on Wonder Woman, in fact, like the previous post on Starfire, Brian’s cover illustration for Wonder Woman #72 proved so popular with the fans that a limited edition statue was produced in celebration of his vicarious vision!

ww tt last

Thanks For Sticking With Us Throughout This Capacious Comic Cover Cavalcade, Fellow Agents Of Precinct1313, Which Of Our Posted Ten Is Your Favourite, Why Not Sound Off In The Comments Below…


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  1. Great selection of covers Bruce!
    Let me tell you that the last one got me thinking of a WW themed creation… an idea of reversing stereotypes is molding lately and hopefully will come to fruition (see the “reverse ” Medusa statue exhibited at the New York criminal Court) .
    Thank you for the effort and care behind this top ten; it’s never easy!
    Take care and be safe.

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    • Thanks my friend, I adore this cover, it really captures Diana’s strength and fortitude, Bolland is an excellent artist. Your reverse stereotype sounds intriguing, will be very interested to see where that takes you. I am intending to put a little more of my fictional work on the Precinct along with the usual reviews, and some of it does pertain to altered mythologies! šŸ™‚ Take care and stay safe too, my good friend. šŸ™‚

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  2. Oh I am intrigued! Please do so my friend !! šŸ™‚

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  3. Excellent choice for NĀ°1 there. Long been a fan of Mr Bolland for his work at 2000AD as well as the classic Killing Joke. So awesome they made a statue of that Bolland Wondy cover!
    Really enjoyed your top ten comic book covers countdown! Good research and images as always. I wouldn’t know where to begin honestly, but I know Bolland would be there if I made a top ten.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s definitely one of the most iconic Wonder Woman cover images.

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