Precinct1313’s Top Ten Favourite Comic-Book Covers Of All Time: No.02 – Starfire #1 – Amanda Conner

Salutations my charming comic collecting cohorts, and welcome once more to our continuing countdown of cherished comic cover classics. In our previous post we presented to you the decidedly dazzling drawing dynamics of the delightful Darwyn Cooke and his tremendous take on Teen Titans #5. This impeccable instalment illuminates the absolutely astounding art of Amanda Conner and her sassy and sumptuous Starfire #1 cover.


We have written in length about the astonishing artistic auteur that is Amanda Conner, and over the many, many years that I’ve been an avid comic collector I have encountered hundreds of fantastic artists that have regaled my geeky self with some utterly sublime scribblings, and though I am indebted to all these iconic illustrators for their glorious work, a number have really stood out as favourites – talented individuals such as the great George Perez, Neal Adams, Brian Bolland, Norm Breyfogle, Phil Jimenez and Nicola Scott, picking a fave amongst these would would always prove to be an insurmountable challenge. That was until I discovered the amazing art of Amanda Conner, from that point anybody enquiring as to whom my favourite artist was, would not be able to shut me up as I enthused and rhapsodised over her dreamy drawing delectations… quirky, zany, and instantly recognisable, for me personally Amanda will always be the greatest!sf-edited


Amanda’s creative career began in the late 1980’s working for companies such as Archie Comics, Marvel and Harris’ Comics on their Vampirella series (which is where I first discovered her phenomenal oeuvre) But it was her work on the sundry female DC characters that led me to fall in love with her adroit artistic endeavours, especially her work with Starfire, Harley Quinn and Power Girl, which all remain (and always will) my absolute favourite versions of those iconic characters. 


I love the character of Starfire, have been a huge fan since her inaugural introduction by her colossal creators, George Perez and Marv Wolfman in DC Comics Presents #26 in 1980. Since then I have rallied to read every one of her exciting escapades, with my favourite take on the character being the 2015, 12 issue maxi-series by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, with this post’s feature cover being my most treasured. In fact, I love it so much, I have three copies of it (one framed, one in the collection and one to read… yeah I know – GEEK!) Not only that though, I also purchased the extremely limited (and rather expensive) DC Collectables statue based upon this iconic illustration, and even did my first ever YouTube unboxing video on said stunning sculpture, which you may partake in right below (yep, that’s my disembodied hands of unrivalled unboxing!!)

Why Not Join Us Again Next Time On Our Continuing Chronicle Of Cool And Crazy Comic Cover Collectables…

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  1. Hey Bruce, hope you are well mate.
    Glad to meet your hands and voice 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well as the saying goes, so far so good!
    Well, I don’t know if it’s gonna be fantastic but its coming this weekend…
    (Of course I watched it my friend…but more about the dopamine induced interactions soon 😉 )

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  3. Excellent choice. I like the art style and even more so the colours – like a neon painting. Good to see Power Girl too!
    As for the video, it wasn’t enough you went and dazzled us with the Starfire statue, you showed a Wondy and that superb Killer Frost statue too. Brilliant collectables there!
    Agree the magnet part is a nice touch. Like you, don’t know why, except magnetism rocks. Like the magnet gun holster strips on the 2000AD ReAction Durham Red figure! (still one of my fave figures that).
    Great post my friend 😎

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    • Thanks my friend, I absolutely adore this cover, it almost, almost made first place in this list!! I adore Amanda Conner’s art, and this is my favourite of all her stunning covers. I also love Power Girl, with Amanda’s variant being a fave of mine. Thanks for watching my ol’ unboxing video good sir, and yeah, I love the magnetic name plates on the Bombshells statue, so cool! Ooh, I need me a Durham Red statue real bad, I think a collectable 2000AD trinity of statues along with Cass Anderson and Venus Bluegenes would be much awesome!! 🙂

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  4. Every time you post these videos you make me want to hunt down all the Bombshells statues for the different characters and make my bank account very, very sad. lol Great post! 😀

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