Happy Wonder Woman Day!

On this day on October 21 1941 an inspiration was born, Diana, Princess of the Amazons made her dynamic debut courtesy of her celebrated creator William Moulton Marston. And so in celebration of Wonder Woman Day, I present to you, my astonishing Amazonian Affiliates, an extra special instalment of ‘Comic Cover Of The Week’ a hearken back to my first ever encounter with the Themysciran Titan, way back in that glorious decade known as the 1980s!

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Ah the eighties, it was an interesting and rather revolutionary time in the UK. It had just gotten over the phenomenon that was Punk Rock, a rebellious anti-establishment movement that, really, was more about freedom of speech and giving voice to the people than it was about the music itself. I was actually way too young to appreciate the campaign for acceptance and diversity that Punk represented, but looking back on that era now, have come to realise how much Superheroes fit into the same mould as the punk rockers of the day, working outside of Government control, for the benefit of the people themselves.

I grew up in the greatest decade in the history of human kind (at least it was to me) the 1980’s. Icons from my era included such luminaries as Siouxsie and the Banshees (my all time favourite band… yes I was a Goth!) ridiculously over the top action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Wesley Snipes, Cynthia Rothrock and Moon Lee (my favourite female action stars.) Video Games began to really evolve from their previous very simplistic and basic look and premise in the seventies, adding more complexity and depth in both the graphics and gameplay. But even with all these wonderful new distractions available to me, Comic-Books were still my first love, my go to for escapism and ultimate reverie.


It was the shadowy Masked ManhunterThe Batman, who initially introduced me into wonderful world of Superheroes. My first encounter with this iconic character was when I was six years of age, I was captivated by his world, so very different from my own (yet at times eerily similar.) Gotham was a terrible, seething place of corruption and murder, yet it had a redeemer, someone who swathed himself in darkness, and was scarier than even the worst denizens of this malevolent city… and yet, fought for good!btec

The character beguiled me, and it was through him that my love of not just comics, but also literature itself began. It wasn’t until I was nine that I experienced my first foray into the legendary world of the Amazons, I knew who Wonder Woman was of course, through the occasional crossover story in ‘Batman’ and ‘Detective Comics’ but had yet to branch out fully into other realms, feeling contented in my protracted residence in Gotham City.

Wonder Woman #271 was the first time I invested heavily in a character who didn’t have a cape, a cowl and a fatalistic outlook to the world around him. In fact the two characters are literally night and day, which is why I believe that I began to love the Themysciran Titan with the same amount of reverence as I did the Dark Knight, because they were so different. She offered hope, and an optimism that The Bat just didn’t have, a figure who inspired goodness in those around her, with the strength and fortitude to fight the evils of man, yet show compassion and kindness to those deserving (and those who also were not, thus is her leniency and benevolence.)


I have always seen the two characters as my diametrically opposed halves, Batman represents my love of the darkness, gothicism (technically not a word, I know, but I like it) horror movies, the supernatural et al, and Wonder Woman has always constituted my hopes for the future, my work to forward animal rights, vegetarianism, and a general aspiration for betterment of myself and the world about me, and so…

Happy Wonder Woman Day!

About Bruce Hodder (formerly known as ArcaneHalloween)

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  1. Good post. It’s interesting how you you manage to mix in so much of everything while writing about comics, seemingly without even trying. You write very well, my friend.

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  2. I did not get into Wonder Woman until the early 1990s, during the tail end of George Perez’s iconic run. Continued reading WW when William Messner-Loebs took over as writer, and went back to get the earlier Perez stories in the back issue bins.

    Wonder Woman during the Bronze Age is probably an underrated period, and I would certainly like to read those issues. I hope that eventually DC get around to reprinting them.

    Are there any particular WW stories or issues from the first half of the 1980s that particularly stand out for you?

    P.S. My girlfriend is a HUGE fan of Siouxsie Sioux, and she also liked Wonder Woman.

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    • Hi there, I love anything and everything George Perez did with Wondy back in the 80’s, without a doubt the most important influence on the character since her debut by WM Marston, Challenge of the Gods is still one of my favourite storylines from Perez. Other creators I love that I feel have helped advance Diana’s persona over the years are the great Phil Jimenez (both his gorgeous art and stellar writing) Gail Simone (her run with Aaron Lopresti was stunning and great fun) and more recently the Greg Rucka run with Liam Sharp and the fantastic Nicola Scott. Your girlfriend has awesome taste in singers that’s for sure!! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! 🙂

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      • Are there any pre-Crisis WW stories that you like? I’m not familiar with that era.

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      • I actually love the majority of Wonder Woman’s long run in comics, especially WM Marstons original work, DC’s Showcase trades are perfect for collecting older WW stories, they’re cheap and cheerful collected volumes that showcase tales from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, there’s about 5 volumes and I highly recommend them.
        There are a number of single stories that I reviewed a few years back that really stand out – Claws of the Cheetah from issue 275, and The Animal Within from issue 313, a rather great Circe tale. I enjoyed anything by Denny O’Neil and Dan Mishkin from the 70’s through early 80’s. Here’s a review of mine from 5 years back for another fave – Wonder Woman #300 (please excuse the slightly amateurish writing of the time, i was a noob at blogging at that point!!) 🙂 https://precinct1313.wordpress.com/2015/05/18/classic-wonder-woman-wonder-woman-300/

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  3. Another introspective, almost meditative gem of a post!!
    Halloween 🎃 seems to have set your pen on fire!

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    • Hey there my good friend, thanks so much, couldn’t allow Wonder Woman’s 79th birthday to go without an extra special post, love her so much! Enjoyed writing this a great deal, but I always find that WM Marston’s beautiful creation always inspires me to do my best work, never get tired of writing about Diana, and luckily I have 79 years of material to explore!! Hope you’re well my friend and… Happy Wonder Woman Day! 🙂

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      • In an age where everything is measured towards profit efficiency, it is refreshing and inspiring to meet the expression of one’s passion. Especially when it is done with such love, care and attention to detail as it is the case with you Arcane.
        Take me for example; I’m far from well versed in the comics world but your previously mentioned attributes just gravitated me into your universe.
        So, keep on marching and creating my friend. I wish you all the best .

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      • Thank you my friend, Diana has been my inspiration and a huge part of my moral code as I have grown, no other character has had such a profound affect on me as she has. What also inspires my work is fantastic artists such as yourself reading and commenting on my humble posts, it’s always really, really appreciated my friend, your beautiful art is always inspiring to me (your recent collab with TVTA still stands out as one of THE very best posts I have ever encountered on WordPress!)

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  4. I’m late, sorry, sorry, sorry, but it’s never too late to say Happy Wonder Woman Day really, so Happy Wonder Woman Day to Arcane and all Precinct readers. Must admit, I do have a very big soft spot for this superhero, and as a contrast to you, Arcane, my first encounter with her was not from comics but from the 80’s Lynda Carter TV series (I too am a child of the 80s, my friend, like you say… so lucky to have lived through all that incredible music and film, ah, and Siouxsie Sioux? Oh, I love her so much, what a fine singer, captivating, beautiful + fine band and musicians) … erm, where was I… yes Wondy… this is a brill birthday post mate. Your enthusiasm for her shines like a star!
    And let me also add a shared thanks for the nice comment above to Spira about our recent project 🙂
    And, back to Wondy, you know I’m still sitting on a big WW post that I was waiting to publish at TVTA in time for the ’84 film… I think the film’s now been moved to a December release in the US.

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    • You’re fashionably late my friend, as all the coolest people always are! 🙂 I did watch the lovely Lynda Carter WW show (and adored it, of course) but it was after discovering Diana through comics originally. Yes, the eighties were the greatest, best music, films and especially comics (Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Dark Knight Returns… I mean how could any other decade ever rival that terrific trilogy!) Siouxsie was the standout for me musically (though I’m also a huge Cult fan, but then who isn’t!) I have an unfortunate feeling that WW84 will probably be pushed back to next year, damn this Covid thing to Tartarus… I need me some live action Wondy!! Happy Wonder Woman day right back at you my friend, and have a wondy’ful weekend! 🙂

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      • Yes too true, those comic titles you mention. What an era to grow up in! (the 90s weren’t too shabby either). The Cult… I still get the chills whenever I hear ‘Edie’. Also love the Sisters and the Nephilim, but then there are so many different styles of bands I love from the 80s and the 90s crossover.
        Re movie releases: I read that the delayed release 007 movie was being considered for bidding to live stream it. Maybe other studios will explore this route as the pandemic only worsens?

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      • I hope they do eventually go the streaming route for Wondy if it’s delayed another time, honestly cannot wait to see the movie (and read your tie in post of course!) 🙂 Edie along with Love Removal Machine are without a doubt my fave Cult songs, so much awesome!

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  5. Happy (belated) Wonder Woman Day! ❤
    The 80's definitely seem like a fun time to have been growing up. I wasn't born until '87 so I missed out on having the awesome memories of that decade.
    I really like the end of this post how you laid out the qualities you share with Batman vs. WW. 🙂

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