A Public Service Announcement Brought To You By Precinct1313…

sv1313 - Edited

I mean, you’re not more evil than a SuperVillain, right?  Wearing a mask protects yourself, your loved ones and everyone else… Be a Superhero, wear a mask!


Faora, Bane, Deadshot and Deathstroke are copyright: DC Comics.


About Bruce Hodder (formerly known as ArcaneHalloween)

Fanatical about comics, gaming and horror movies... but then isn't everyone?

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  1. Great post and message my friend, as the UK goes into mask mode since Friday.
    Over here, masks were made essential to wear in all public places from last week. Good, because hardly anyone was wearing them since lockdown was lifted.
    Let’s all stay safe!

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    • Thanks my friend, surprisingly I would say 90% of people are following the mask guidelines over here, which is great! But as you said, before it became a legal requirement I too saw very few masked individuals. Stay safe and well my friend.

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  2. Yesss! 😀 Love it! ❤ Excellent post!

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