Precinct1313 Recommends: Zatanna And The House Of Secrets


Zatanna and the House of Secrets is the latest entry into DC’s graphic novels for kids line, an accessible and fun series of original stories that beset readers imaginations with tales of classic superheroes and villains in their pre-teen years. Our last dalliance with this excellent series of character chronicles was with the dazzling Diana: Princess of the Amazons, this time around though we’re going to be setting forth into the magical and mysterious realm of the mystical mistress of magic herself Zatanna, as she explores the unknown boundaries of the House of Secrets!


Welcome to the wild and wacky world that is Zatanna, the backward speaking sorceress who possesses a mysterious rabbit named Pocus, and lives with her father the illustrious stage magician Zatara in the exceedingly esoteric House of Secrets. 

The House of Secrets is a mystical abode full to the bombastic brim with mysterious doors, perplexing puzzles and fabled creatures. It’s the house that every local talks about but also avidly avoids. Zatanna though, loves her home and her life with her beloved bunny, Pocus, and her loving father Zatara. In fact the worst that life throws at her are the everyday rigours that most normal kids have to deal with – school, homework and the inevitable growing pains of youth. Yet, Zatanna is no normal kid, and as our occult odyssey unfolds, Zee will have more uncertainty to face than mere peer pressure as life goes from (relative) normality into full blown obscure oddity!


Written by Matthew Cody and gorgeously illustrated by Yoshi Yoshitani, Zatanna and the House of Secrets is a wonderfully witty and engrossingly endearing tale full of beautiful imagery ( I mean seriously, the artwork is absolutely fantabulous!) and fantastic humour (some of the scenes, literally, made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion) all wrapped up in the captivating chronicle of Zee’s eventual emotional acceptance of her eerie reality by dealing with traumas from her past, school bullies and distancing friends, and the thrilling yet also traumatic transition into her new life brought on by her slowly burgeoning magical prowess. 


Zatanna and the House of Secrets is a wonderful work of art from the talented team of Cody and Yoshitani. The lushly rendered and beautifully coloured artwork leaps off the page, and the wry and witty writing is surprisingly deep and deft. Full of amazing visual gags and entertaining Easter eggs for Vertigo aficionado’s (a portrait or two of Cain and Abel come to mind) once again DC’s newest YA novel is another thrilling tale that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, scintillatingly superb, sorcerous storytelling at it’s finest… highly recommended.


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  1. Yes, outstanding artwork. Bold with subtle details.
    And a good message for your readers at the end – thank you! Stay safe too, my friend.

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  2. Thank you.Stay safe my friend!

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  3. This looks like a perfect read for my kiddos!

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  4. The artwork is so cute! It seems like a fun read. 🙂

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    • Hey there my friend, yes indeed the artwork is absolutely gorgeous and it is a fantastic read for all kids, big and small! Hope you and your family are keeping well in these strange times, take care and stay safe. 🙂

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      • Thank you! ^_^ We’re doing well, maybe a little stir-crazy but we’re all healthy so we can’t complain. I hope you and yours are doing well and finding fun ways to stay sane.

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