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Welcome fellow agents of Precinct1313 to another exhilarating episode of  ‘The Week In Geek’  where we love to share our favourite Comic Book, Video-Game and Cult Movie news for your perusal and pleasure. And so once more unto the geek, dear agents, once more…

DC Comics Channel Stephen King With – #DCEASED Cover Image…

Comic book writer Tom Taylor has been teasing #DECEASED over the past few weeks with some rather cryptic hints towards some devastating destruction headed towards our beloved DC heroes and their universe. Not only that, but a major death of a classic DC villain also seems to be on the cards as a catalyst for the coming storm… Darkseid, DC’s big bad is largely thought to be in the firing line for this with Taylor’s phrase “Darkseid Was” dominating headlines, an idiom of Grant Morrison’s “Darkseid Is” from his incredible run in the nineties Justice League (with this original phrase also appearing heavily in Tom King’s recent groundbreaking series Mister Miracle)

13 dc

Taylor recently posted to Twitter Yasmine Putri’s variant cover for DC’s upcoming event series, with the cover an obvious homage to Stephen King’s frightening horror/thriller – IT. Transposing King’s creepy clown killer for DC’s very own clown prince of crime – The Joker, handing the titular red balloon to what is obviously the Jason Todd version of Robin (who Joker previously killed, rather bloodily, utilising a crowbar) Creepy! #DCEASED is due for release in May.

Detective Comics #1000 Reveals Dozens Of Variant Bat Covers…


Eight Decades ago what is now known as DC Comics unleashed Detective Comics unto the comic book loving world, this was THE comic book that defined that beloved purveyor of costume clad crimefighters, eventually becoming their famed appellation. Of course Detective’s most distinguished and prominent addition to Superhero lore is the first appearance of comicdom’s, arguably, biggest creation of all time – Masked Manhunter, Caped Crusader and Darkest of Knights – Batman, who made his dynamic debut in Detective Comics #27 in May of 1939!


Eighty years later the SuperVillain punching, long eared, curmudgeonly creature of the night is still stalking the crime ridden streets of Gotham City, and with the 1,000th issue almost upon us, DC are releasing a cadre of compellingly collectable comic covers to celebrate this enormous event. Astonishing artists such as – Neal Adams, Jim Lee, Kelley Jones, Greg Capullo, Joelle Jones, Frank Miller, Dustin Nguyen and many, many more will be rendering our favourite spandex clad avenger of the night when the title hits your local comic book emporium on March 27th 2019. 



Why not join us again next time friends, for more Week In Geek!

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  1. Can’t wait for Detective Comics 1000! Getting 999 next Wed. There’s a john Byrne variant cover I want. Reading Wonder Woman by Phil Jimenez Omnibus that I just got. Great stuff!

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    • Yes indeed Tec #1000 is gonna be awesome! have a few variants ordered, but will probably pick up as many as I can though. John Byrne is awesome, as is Phil Jimenez… I have that omnibus myself, sterling stuff, Jimenez is one of my favourite WW contributors of all time.


      • Mine too. He’s second to the great George Perez and his style is obviously, and self-admittedly, greatly inspired by him. Bryne’s my all time fav as I was in High School when he was doing X-Men back in the day. Meet him one and have a pencil drawing of The Hulk he did for me. I LOVE his Superman run and own all of them, even the stuff he just wrote and didn’t do the art for. Great stuff! And it’s a great time to be a geek, eh.

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      • Ah yes, the great George Perez, his run is literally what Greek myths are made of, legendary is not enough of a word for how Perez steered Wondy’s popularity into the stratosphere! Cool that you got to meet him, we tend to not get too many American Comic book artists/writers in UK cons, mostly British. That said I did get to meet (and get a sketch from) the great Michael Golden (another stunning WW artist) and The Crow’s creator James O’Barr a couple of years back, that was a geeky blast for sure! 🙂

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      • Awesome. What was cool about my meeting Byrne was that he used to live in the Chicago area, where I live, and would go to local comic shops to do sketches occasionally. I got to hang out for a few hours and watch him do sketches for everyone who came in the shop. It was cool. He almost never does cons anywhere any more, so I feel really lucky to have meet him back in ’81 when I was but a wee lad.

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      • What a fantastic memory to have my friend, I’m Jealous 🙂 watching J Byrne sketch! so cool!

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  2. Excited about Detective Comics 1000, and all those Batman covers!!

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  3. Great post

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