Professor Marston And The Wonder Women: How Not To Film A Biopic!

We don’t often re-blog our own work here in the Precinct, yet after reading a couple of recent (misinformed) reviews for this so called “bio-pic” of William Marston, I thought it important to once again present the reality of the film (ie: it’s fantasy, and in no way, shape, or form true… negating its claim to being a biography of Wonder Woman’s genius creator). Thanks for reading, my astounding Amazonian associates.


Now, as you probably know we don’t often address negatives in the Precinct, it is a place that all its agent alumni come together to celebrate the phenomenal publishing powerhouse that’s known as DC Comics… but this… this is too much.

Following closely in the stead of the absolutely sterling Wonder Woman cinematic triumph comes Professor Marston And The Wonder Women, a so called biopic of the true story behind Diana of Themyscira’s creator… except it’s not… at all.

22449839_1576149252450046_4331052372416551589_n Statement By Christy Marston, Granddaughter Of William Marston

Though the biopic has received above average reviews, its actual content is in no way, shape, or form true, which ultimately negates its claim to being a biopic and ends up as much an act of fiction as the comic-book character herself. Christy Marston, the granddaughter of William Moulton Marston recently made several statements that the film did not represent almost any…

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