Diana’s Origin Explored In New Wonder Woman Trailer…


By the Mighty Horns of Amalthea is today a wondrous one, not only do we get a glorious new poster design for Gal’s upcoming role as the awesome Amazon, a stunning teaser, showing Diana in combat training with General Antiope (and that bracelets section is just… superb!) but also… a brand spanking new trailer. Great Hera, what a day…what a lovely day…



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  1. Yeeeeeee!! This movie seriously cannot come out soon enough!! So excited!!

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    • Oh yes indeed, it looks soooooo good! I seriously cannot wait. 🙂 It just screams Wonder Woman, have a good feeling that this will be one of the greatest Comic-Book adaptations of… all… time! 🙂

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  2. Can’t wait. Looks amazing.

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  3. Ohhhhh is it June yet?! The end of the trailer’s “it doesn’t go with the outfit” is hilarious 😉

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  4. I saw the trailer on TV
    I really would love to see it

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