Great British Comic Book Characters: Durham Red


“Now… your blood would be a different story, I bet it’s dark, rich, full of iron… What do you say, care to indulge in a bit of… transfusion?”

Uh, maybe later Durham… Welcome fellow fans of fantastic fiction to another episode of “Great British Comic Book Characters” our occasional series that aims to acquaint you with some of the classic dramatis personae that originate from this tiny island known as the United Kingdom.

d red2.jpg

Durham Red was originally conceived as a sidekick and possible love interest for 2000AD’s mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha, the character proved so popular to the fans that after Johnny’s untimely demise she was given starring role in the spin off series “Strontium Dogs”. Created by the astonishing alumni of John Wagner, Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra, Durham made her first appearance in prog #505 of 2000AD in 1987.

In the aftermath of a devastating nuclear war in 2150, that left over 70% of the British population wiped out, an increase of mutated births was prevalent due to high radiation fallout. As time progressed the mutants found themselves increasingly persecuted, facing a high degree of racism which included laws precluding them from owning businesses, sending their children to schools attended by “normal” humans and ultimately found themselves segregated from society and housed in ghettos, which included a giant mutant settlement established in the town of Milton Keynes.


One of the very few jobs available to the mutants was that of a bounty hunter, known as Strontium Dogs, named after the Strontium 90 fallout and their distinctive search destroy (S/D) badges. These positions were deemed too dangerous for “normal” humans and were offered to the most dangerous and strongest of the mutant society. SD agents operated out of an orbiting space station known as the Doghouse, tasked with hunting down the galaxy’s very worst criminals.

Mutations in the 2000AD universe differ greatly from their other comic book counterparts, most mutants rather than being gifted with extraordinary gifts and powers (a la Marvel’s X-Men) were usually hideously malformed, but a few benefitted from non malformation and incredible physical and mental gifts. Durham Red is one such mutant, her mutation resembles that of the classic literary vampire, her body must intake a constant supply of blood to continue existence. But the gains ultimately outweigh her bloodlust in that, as long as Durham drinks the life giving plasma she is infused with super strength, lightning fast reflexes and near immortality, yet she shares none of the classical drawbacks of vampirism (inability to venture out in daylight, silver, garlic, etc).


After spending decades hunting down the very worst the galaxy had to offer in it’s frontier planets, Durham grew weary of the constant cycle of death and devastation and voluntarily put herself into cryonic suspended animation, that lasted centuries.

She finally roused to a new order, a war had broken out between human and mutants and through the intervention of various alien races, a Pan-Species accord was reached, giving mutants the same rights of equality that “normal” humans held. Durham found that during her protracted slumber a cult had grown around her venerable legend, with her now known as the Saint of Mutants. The saint fanatic who awoke her, Judas Farrow, quickly found that the real item differed greatly to the legend that had been borne about her, but still found himself accompanying Durham on her many excursions in this new timeline. 


Durham indirectly was the catalyst for the sterilisation of human kind after being betrayed by the mutant telepath The Offspring, who used Durham as a pawn to seek his revenge on human society. Durham filled with remorse for her part in this, retreated from the world, becoming feral, using her great gifts for survival only purposes.

A century passed before Durham was tracked down by one of her saint followers Godolkin, who needed her help in finally destroying the Offspring. After confronting Offspring in a distant section of space known as the Fracture, where time itself was ruptured, she realised that Offspring could not be killed by any normal means, so Durham dragged him down with her into a singularity, and within this space/time vortex Durham beheld many different instances of past and future selves.

Like most storylines barrelling out of 2000AD, Durham Red was a politically and racially charged tale of parochialism and intolerance, British comics have often moved along this paradigm, with the 1980’s giving birth to some of the greatest tales of fundamental liberalism and forbearance.

Durham Red lived for another millennia, adopting the identity of Empress Redwina and ultimately lived to see the time when the mutant race outnumbered their oppressive human norms.

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  1. Yet another awesome post! 🙂
    I’d never heard of this character before but she sounds really interesting and definitely worth looking into. I’m glad you posted about her. I dig her character design too, very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Thank you for the post! I really enjoy learning about new comic characters (and since I literally know nothing about British comics) this segment is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I love Durham Red already as I would Storm or Wonder Woman. She seems like a strong and fearsome character. I particularly enjoy the struggle for equality between mutants and humans, it speaks to themes that we come across everyday.
    -Luna 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Luna, British comics tend not to travel well outside of the UK, I guess it’s because they rely heavily on UK politics and trends. Judge Dredd is quite possibly the only Brit character to have really transcended borders. Thanks for reading my friend. 🙂

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  3. Definitely reminds me of a Blood Rayne mixed with Blade in a Fallout world. Makes me pine for the days before vampires sparkled and fell madly in love with their food.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Funny you should mention Bloodrayne, 2000AD did approach the creators of the games because Rayne was a little too close to Red. Bloodrayne creators denied it of course, but it is fairly obvious that Rayne is “inspired” by Durham Red. Thanks for reading and commenting my friend. 🙂

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  4. Great article and well written! Mind dropping a follow to ? We’re a new site trying to gain some traction.

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  5. There is a 2000 AD, story where DR, was a successful TV series, and movie franchise, and this geek tracks down the actress playing her at a comi-con, and it goes through the history of her show on this world, and at the end the geek finds out the actress really is a vampire, love it.

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  6. Stunning Durham Red Art … still love my Carlos Ezquerra versions of the character though 👌🏻✌🏼

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    • Oh yes Ezquerra was amazing, especially loved his version of Dredd, my second fave after Brian Bolland’s.

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      • Bolland was as still is amazing.

        I have a Ezquerra Durham Red commission I was graced to get before the Master 2000ad artist passed away.

        I will post it on my blog at some point.

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      • Yes indeed, I adore Bolland’s work especially his DC stuff – Killing Joke and his absolutely stunning run of covers for 90’s Wonder Woman. Ezquerra death was a huge loss to the comic book world, RIP. I look forward to seeing your commission by him.

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      • Good taste ArcaneHalloween, Killing Joke is my favourite Batman art and story ever.

        A most sad loss. Carlos is not with us but his art will remain in our hearts and imaginations.

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  7. Posted the Carlos Durham Red commission art to my blog … enjoy 👌🏻✌🏼

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