Classic Wonder Woman: Holiday Special

Warning: The alliteration is strong in this one!

Precinct1313 welcomes all it’s loyal agents to rousing revelry and much celebratory carousing in the malefic mansion of mystery’s ‘Great Hall of Quaffing’ (Eldritch, our resident carrion crow will show you the way, it’s near the end of the Corridors of Collation, just take a left at the Comic-Book Crypts, if you reach the Mortuary of Mayhem then you’ve gone too far.) But before we take our seats at the titanic table of terrific tales and indulge in holiday merriment how about a quick jaunt through the Ancient Amazon Archives to catch up with our favourite Themysciran Princess’ festive adventures.

dcx2 - Edited.jpg

Some absolutely Classic Wonder Woman here my amazing Amazonian associates, Sensation Comics #38 was published in December 1944, written by WW’s genius creator William Moulton Marston and illustrated by the legendary Harry G. Peter. we follow our heroic herald as she decides to play Santa in a notoriously poor and downtrodden neighbourhood, to bring some festive cheer to a local orphanage. Upon arrival the Themysciran Titan accidentally stumbles across a nefarious plot to rob the US treasury, with the events quickly escalating to a hostage situation involving the children themselves.

dcx3 - Edited.jpg

December ’44 was a busy month for the dynamic duo of W.M Marston and H.G Peter as they also presented us with the festive edition of DC Comics’ timeless ‘Comic Cavalcade’, comprising three tenaciously terrific tales and a cadre of classic characters that includes The Flash (original Jay Garrick version) Green Lantern and of course our illustriously immortal idol Wondy.

dcx1 - Edited.jpg

Sensational seventies superstar Wonder Woman, the lovely Lynda Carter came face to face with ‘The Deadly Toys’ in a holiday themed episode of the scintillating seventies show that formed part of the second season and aired in 1979. Once again written by her ceaseless composer of creation W.M. Marston (writing under his oft used pen name of Charles Moulton.)

wwww - Edited.jpg

Seventies Wonder Woman – Where Even Hula Hoops Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction

The effervescent episode found the wondrous one investigating a suspicious toy maker (played by none other than sixties Batman villain – The Riddler’s Frank Gorshin) who had replaced three scientists with his own android creations after they refused to create a weapon of mass destruction known as Project XYZ. As Diana nears the source of her investigation, the dastardly Toy Maker whips up his own android version of Gaea’s Glorious Gal, and the two Wonder Women engage in a (delightfully camp) fracas. 
www-editedHappy Holidays To All Our Amazingly Affable Amazonian Agents of Awesome… 

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  1. Just watched the W.W. Xmas episode last night. Have a great Christmas, my friend.

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  2. Happy Holidays to you too!! Hard to believe the new year is nearly upon us already. One of the girls in my book club wound up with a few Wonder Woman themed gifts for our book club Secret Santa exchange after I drew her name. 😀 She’s a hardcore WW fan so she was pretty thrilled, and I was excited to get an excuse to scamper to the local comic book shop amongst all the holiday chaos. 😛

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    • Happy Holidays back my friend 🙂 I too got a couple of WW gifts, including a 2 foot tall Gal Gadot WW action figure! did you pick up anything nice for yourself whilst visiting your local comic book emporium?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, wow! I bet that action figure is awesome. I was just shopping for other people when I went but I lucked out and got some neat comic-related gifts from others. 🙂 I got a few graphic novels (Vol. 1 of DC Bombshells, Vol. 1 of the Looking Glass Wars, and volume. 1 of Lantern City). I also got a pretty nifty Harley Quinn DC Bombshells keychain for my purse so I’m a happy camper to say the least! 😛

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      • Ooh I love Bombshells, that’s a most excellent pressie 🙂 just googled Lantern City because I wasn’t familiar with it, must say it’s an interesting premise, liking the Steampunk aesthetic… looks cool. Harley Quinn keychain = awesome, anything and everything Harley is pure gold 🙂

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      • Agreed! Harley Quinn stuff is always a treat! I I just finished reading Bombshells vol. 1 last night and I loooooved it! The art was fantastic and I really enjoyed the story. Mixing so many of my favorite comic book characters with historical fiction? How could I NOT love it!
        Yeah, I really dig steampunk (again, probably due to my love of history and alt histories) so I’m pretty excited to read it. I had never heard of it before I opened it. 🙂

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  3. I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award (congratulations!). You can find all the details here. Thank you for your excellent work!

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  4. Bring on the Wonder Woman goodness, including this holiday-themed post! The “Deadly Toys” title has me shuddering 😉 All the best to you for the New Year!!

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