The Green Hornet – Van Williams Passes Away…

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Green Hornet actor Van Williams passed away last week at the age of 82. Van appeared in many television series in the sixties and seventies but is most fondly remembered by comic-book fans for his performance as the masked crime-fighting detective, Green Hornet.

The Green Hornet TV show was aired between 1966-67 and also starred martial artist savant Bruce Lee as his loyal bodyguard and chauffeur Kato. Van ceased acting in the late seventies and became a Deputy Sheriff, and then a Fireman in Los Angeles… a Superhero both fictionally and in real life. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

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  1. May he rest in peace xx Thanks for making a tribute here to him

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  2. I was quite saddened to learn about his passing. Paramount has recently been talking about making another Green Hornet film, this time reportedly with more respect to the character than the 2011 movie. I had hoped the studio would plan a cameo for Mr. Williams. Alas… this will not be. He will be missed.

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  3. A nice tribute. I watched the show as a kid and enjoyed it. Never knew that in later life he was a deputy and firefighter. RIP Van, you left a good mark.

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  4. I will always remember the Green Hornet on television. There was more fun and less violence back then! 😀

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  5. I didn’t even ever watch the show but your tribute has me saddened by his passing – the live of a TV actor is truly a lottery – am gladdened that sounds like he found fulfillment in other career arenas as well

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  6. In his little way Van Williams is also a legend and an icon of the Sixties

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