PRECINCT1313’s Special Agent Awards

Welcome loyal followers and readers, today we break the seal and unveil for the first time Precinct1313’s Astonishing Amphitheatre of Awards. This sacred ceremonial chamber, buried deep within the hallowed halls of 1313, has been sealed for millennia by the ethereal former owners of this malefic mansion of mystery… until now. 

Amphitheatre of Awards - Edited.jpg

The amphitheatre shall be playing host and paying thanks, on a regular basis, to the Precinct’s most loyal followers. Those remarkable Agents that have given up their valuable time to read, like, and comment on our DC Comics-centric ramblings. Two awards each and every week… so welcome, please take your seats (don’t mind the Crow, he just likes to observe, and is mostly harmless… mostly) and lets get to our first recipient of Special Agent status.


Jennifer has been a guest at Precinct1313 since it first opened it’s daedalic doors many moons previous, she is the highly talented web artist responsible for Little Monster Girl, a ridiculously fun and quirky character that you simply must discover. Thanks so much Jen for your support, you are the Precinct’s first Special Agent!


And our second promotion goes to the hilariously subversive humorist ‘Inspired By The Divine’, who runs a fantastically funny website aptly accorded ‘The Armchair Pontificator‘  this dude is waggish, quick witted and just downright entertaining. Here’s to you my friend, you really are inspired!

And that’s it for this week friends, the amphitheatre doors will reopen again one week from today to induct yet more of our loyal followers to Special Agent status. 

(Feel free to display the Special Agent award on your blogs, or not, I promise I won’t be upset if you don’t, or send Eldritch, the Precinct’s creepy Crow around for a visit!) 

About Bruce Hodder (formerly known as ArcaneHalloween)

Fanatical about comics, gaming and horror movies... but then isn't everyone?

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  1. Awesome. Thanks greatly for this, my friend.

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  2. This looks like a very interesting blog, so what the hell, signing up!!!

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  3. Little Monster Girl

    Wow! That is so very kind of you! 😀 It`s wonderful to be a Special Agent! Thank you so much! 😀

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  4. Congratulations to the special agents! 🙂

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