“Holy Return Of The Caped Crusaders, Batman!”


“Well old chum, it looks like it’s time for a comeback”                                                                                                                                                         “Holy triumphant return Batman!”

The Batman of the 1960’s wasn’t a Dark Knight, he wasn’t foreboding or scary, and seemed to have gotten over, fairly easily, the murder of his parents that had haunted him and made him a creature of the night… in fact the Batman of the sixties wasn’t even a denizen of the dark, preferring to run around his native Gotham, during daylight, in tights!

Yes indeedy Batfans, 60’s Batman and today’s modern version are literally day and night, but both are still Superheroes of the highest echelon and downright entertaining, whether it’s the Caped Crusader holding aloft a comical round bomb whilst darting around avoiding nuns and ducklings (!?) or the Dark Knight stalking his prey from the shadows and vigorously snapping limbs…

adam ben - Edited

Light and Dark, two sides of the same coin… (Harvey Dent would be proud)

And now, the stars of the 1966 epic televisual series, Adam West (Batman), Burt Ward (Robin) and Julie Newmar (Catwoman) are reuniting to Biff! and Pow! their way into a brand new animated movie!  The actors will reprise their iconic characters when Warner Bros release the new movie, Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders on Digital HD on October 11, and then on Blu-Ray on November 1. Watch the exclusive movie clip below fellow Batfans and look for a review of the film itself in November, Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel.

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  1. i have ‘worked’ with Ward and West many years ago and they used to hate each other with a passion, so they must have wanted the money very badly to do this

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    • Hi there, yes indeed I too have heard this. You worked with them, how cool is that! I would love to hear about what they’re like, my friend. Sorry for the late reply, the message was in the spam pile for some reason, it seems to be happening a lot lately with comments, no idea why.


  2. I used to work conventions in the US, they were mainly attended by TV and movie stars who had long term popularity. Such as Barbara Eden I dream of Jeanie, Gil Gerard who played Buck Rogers, as well as stars of Star Wars Star Trek and many more.
    Every event organisers would say they are hugely popular but difficult to deal with.
    They had to have separate flights, separate transport,separate hotels and so on. When they were to appear in the convention halls they had to enter from different doors and their areas had to be positioned so that they could not see each other.
    Normally people from the same show would sit next to each other, these two would be at opposite ends of the room
    I can not remember the figures but if each were charging say $10 for an autograph and you brought them a photo the other one had already signed they would charge $20
    I saw this first hand and it lasted for years. I have no idea if they have now changed this stance, but if this reboot is popular and they attend more shows I guess we will see.
    PS Julie Newmar was just a wonderful lady.and kept away from this situation

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    • Wow, you would have thought after being together on such an iconic and downright hilarious show that they would be best of friends. A shame really, let’s hope they have made up over the years, I mean Batman and Robin should be the best of buds after all 🙂 and you met Julie Newmar… that’s so cool my friend!

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