The Week In Geek… With Precinct1313 ‘Special SDCC Edition’


Welcome fellow agents of Precinct1313 to another episode of ‘The Week In Geek’  where we share our favourite Comic Book, Video-Game and, Cult Movie news for your perusal and pleasure. And an extra special welcome to our San Diego Comic-Con edition, there are lots of fantastically geeky DC stuff to share, so why don’t we begin with…

Official Wonder Woman Movie Poster Revealed By The Themysciran Titan Herself -Gal Gadot…

ww film poster

Zeus Would Be Proud…

The amazing Amazon, Gal Gadot, unveiled the official movie poster for the 2017 dated Wonder Woman movie at this years San Diego Comic-Con… and it is indeed, Wonderful. The highly anticipated Patty Jenkins helmed movie marks the Themysciran Titan’s first solo foray on the silver screen, following on from Gal’s outstanding and much praised appearance as Wonder Woman in this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Zack Snyder’s epic grudge match movie that pit the world’s two most beloved Superheroes against each other in a Battle-Royale spectacular!

And by ‘Zeus’ Chariot’ what could be even cooler than an exclusive look at Wondy’s promo poster? how about a brand new full trailer for her upcoming movie…


Justice League Movie Trailer Shines So Very, Very Brightly…

Not content with wowing us with their, quite frankly astonishing trailer for the Wonder Woman movie, DC Comics and parent company Warner Bros have delivered the proverbial one, two by releasing a lengthy preview of the 2017 dated Justice League movie, be prepared folks, for thrill power overload…

Suicide Squad – Final Trailer Is So Much Fun I Think My Head May Explode!!

I mean let’s be honest, every single trailer released for DC’s upcoming movie that thrusts into the spotlight the titular team of misfit and malcontent SuperVillains that combine to make up the Government sponsored black ops team known as Task Force X has been just sublime, and with the movie a mere two weeks from release why not revel in the magnificence of the latest and greatest preview

Why not join us again next time friends for more ‘Week In Geek’

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  1. Great stuff. Nerdgasm city! BvS Ultimate cut is quite awesome too.

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  2. Aah it felt like a christmas morning ! I was still in bed browsing Facebook when a friend posted the Wonder Woman trailer. I knew it wasn’t a hoax so I ran to the computer and not only Wonder Woman but also Justice League trailer. Oh my goood. Just like I said, I watch them at least once every day. They are so awesome ! I’m only intrigued who will be the main enemy in Wonder Woman ?

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    • Hi there, yes indeed the trailer was mindblowingly good! I downloaded onto my phone so I could watch it wherever and like yourself, watch it once a day. As far as the main villain is concerned, judging by the woman in the cracked mask in the trailer I’m going with Dr Cyber, who also hides her disfigured form behind a mask.

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      • Haha gosh, even crazier than me! I should do the same though haha.
        Thank you for the info, I didn’t know about Dr Cyber. I noticed the the woman in the cracked mask and after some research it match yes. But I like the trailer for this, not many spoil about what’s going on. I just hope it’s not just an amazon fighting some weak soldiers. She said in BvS that she fought other monsters before, I really wanna see her in an epic fight!

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      • I think if it is Dr Cyber then Diana is in for one hell of a battle, which is cool! I was personally hoping for (and I’d be surprised if she doesn’t at least make an appearance) Cheetah.

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      • I was hoping for Cheetah as well, maybe there’ll be some easter egg about her or something, or for the second movie who knows. But I trust you on the battle between Dr Cyber and Diana. Now the hardest part is to wait so long Haha

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  3. Reblogged this on ReBirth: The Pursuit of Porsha and commented:
    Stoked;for WonderWoman’s movie but especially for Suicide Squad.!!! 😱 😵 😲 😛

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    • Thanks so much for the re-blog, and also the follow. The Wonder Woman movie looks astonishingly great! and I cannot wait to go and see the Suicide Squad this week.

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      • I’m Stoked; the Joker character has always intrigued me, as has Jared Leto!!! hehehe His version of the Joker, in my humble opinion, is going to fit the times–
        haughty, *gauche*…a ‘Mr. BlingBling! And most important-his version will be more of a sociopath than ANY Version, EVER Seen before! !!! 😈

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      • Absolutely agree, Jared Leto is a fantastic actor and I believe his version of ‘Mr J’ will probably be the closest yet to capturing the essence of the comic book version.

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      • I agree, hard to say it (and have said it!) About Heath over Jack; now, Jared (*fingers crossed*) over Heath. *fingers crossed* that it meets both of our expectations! 😁

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      • Heath Ledger was awesome in the role, as was Jack Nicholson, it’s just that Jared really does seem to have embraced the character even more than either of them (it helps being a crazy method actor too! 😉 )

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