Suicide Squad: A Who’s Who – The Joker

Mr J's Leto opinionWith the Suicide Squad movie now just a few short months away from exploding onto the big screen, now would be the perfect opportunity to familiarise yourselves with the iconic team of Supervillains and bad-asses that make up the covert Government funded black ops team. So why not take up residence in the hallowed halls of Precinct1313 for the next few days (don’t worry there’s plenty of room, and the coffee’s great!) while we countdown the sociopaths and malcontents that form the core of Task Force X.

And who better to start the countdown with than…

The Clown Prince Of Crime, Master Of Mirth, Jester Of Genocide, or more famously known as The Joker, Batman’s arch-enemy and the world’s most recognised and loved Supervillain has been with us since his introduction in Batman #1 in the Spring of 1940.

David Ayer’s highly anticipated cinematic version of popular comic-book Suicide Squad will once more reunite us with another live action interpretation of the green haired psychopath.

many faces of Mr J - Edited (2)

The Many Faces Of The Joker…

Fresh in most peoples mind will obviously be the most recent variant of the character in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight, portrayed of course by the late Heath Ledger. A memorable performance indeed, no-one can fail to be impressed by Heath’s fantastic portrayal of the clown prince. But he is just one in a succession of actors who have brought the Joker to the big screen, beginning in the sixties with Cesar Romero, followed in the eighties by Jack Nicholson, each of the actors have brought their own unique interpretation to the character, but only one of them (so far) has nailed the core of the character as he stands in the comics themselves – Cesar Romero.

To put the statement in context, Romero’s performance captured the Joker’s appearance (both visually and narratively) almost exactly from the sixties comic book version, whereas both Nicholson and Ledger gave us versions based upon their own interpretation of what the Joker is, as opposed to a specific comic book appearance.

JL Joker

Definitive Joker Incoming

Jared Leto is the latest in the line of great actors tasked with bringing the grinning psychopath to the big screen, and like Romero before him, is bringing a specific comic book version with him.Β 

endgame joker and leto - Edited

Leto’s Joker is ripped straight out of the comics themselves, especially the recent Batman: Endgame saga.

‘Batman: Endgame’ was a six issue long story arc released in 2014, written by Scott Snyder and pencilled by Greg Capullo. It features the return of Batman’s arch foe, who had not been seen in comics since the 2012 Β ‘Death of the Family’ storyline. Endgame was written in conjunction with Batman and the Joker’s 75th anniversary and explored the discordant bond the characters shared throughout their tumultuous history.

Leto’s Joker appears to be drawing heavily from Snyder’s storyline, again both visually and narratively. I also see a lot of similarity with Grant Morrison’s version of the Joker from the 2009 story arc ‘Batman: RIP’, again his visual look seems honed from Mr J’s appearance in this fantastic tale.

JKLeto - Edited

Grant Morrison’s Joker and Leto’s interpretation of the character share a striking visual look

Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker will be as close to the source material as possible, the few scenes we have seen in the various Suicide Squad trailers featuring Leto have already confirmed that his version is the truest interpretation of the character in live action form so far.

As magnificent as the other actors have been in the role, none apart from Romero have managed to capture the unique manic feel of the character, Heath Ledger’s version was fantastic, but it wasn’t the Joker from the comics. Cesar Romero still holds the title as the only one to have brought home the goods as far as the Joker is concerned (even Nicholson’s version captured more of the core of the character than Heath Ledger did). With that said, Heath Ledger’s performance was astounding, and really made ‘The Dark Knight’ the stupendous movie that it is. Jared Leto though will make the character his own, whilst still mine the comics’ version to ultimately bring us the definitive version of The Clown Prince Of Crime.

jk tat - Edited

As for Jared Leto’s Joker having tattoos… the comic book version also has dabbled with ink

The Joker himself will not be a part of the actual squad itself, but just one of the antagonists in the movie (and who better than the mirthful maniac himself). In our next instalment we will start the countdown of the actual members that make up Amanda Waller’s team of pernicious psychos, beginning with personal favourite – Katana.Β 


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  1. he as perfect for the role as Ben is for batman. πŸ™‚

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  2. Can’t wait the movie! All the characters are just so cool!

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  3. Thanks, Bruce, for th info about Batman: Endgame – will look out for it nxt time I come back to Blighty.
    And thanks for clearing up th matter about th Clown Prince having tattoos – incidentally, what do u make of all this criticism of Leto’s Joker having handwriting on his forehead? (btw: what does it say?!
    Soz for not dropping by sooner – w escaped to a part of th country for a few wks where there is NO internet signal – no worries, catching up now!

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  4. I heard about this and recently heard some of the soundtrack
    It’s all very interesting
    And I hope I get to see it on the big screen

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