Batman v Superman: It’s Time To Stop The Hate


And it’s amazing to me that the hate continues, in fact it can be said that a lot of the negativity comes from people who haven’t even seen the movie. I mean let’s be honest how can you really make an informed opinion on anything if the only reference you have is ‘Somebody else’s opinion’ Yes Batman v Superman is a divisive film, yes it does remake the Superhero movie in a new and completely different direction (more Watchmen than Avengers) but that’s exactly what this genre of film fiction needs. It needs the creativity and diversion from the norm, it presents the viewer with a film that doesn’t conform to what has gone before. This is an intelligent and realistic approach to how man would react to a godlike being amongst them, its former saviour, The Batman, though often seen as superhuman is for all intense and purpose, just a man, flawed and emotionally culpable. And with the coming of a Superman, he feels powerless and frustrated.

If what you want from a comic-book movie is just action, jokes and a light hearted tale then that’s great, there are plenty of Marvel movies out there that are tailored just for you, and I applaud that take on the Superhero theme, it is a staple of its genre. But if you’re looking for something a lot deeper, with a more mature and less linear approach, then Batman v Superman is what you’re looking for.

The movie explores many themes, from religious context to conspiracy theories, its depth is what really divides the critics, the true comic book fan understands  what Snyder has achieved with this movie, but that also does not cut it off from the casual fan, every detail needed to enjoy a rollicking good movie is here, and it is FUN, contrary to the critics… fun does not necessarily mean light hearted, I mean, horror movies are fun, right?… why else would you watch them if you weren’t being entertained. Batman v Superman is a very important film in this genre, the most important… because it does things differently and that’s what keeps things fresh and exciting. If you haven’t seen the film yet, I implore that you do, it is a fantastically rendered dystopian look at Superheroes, ripped straight out of the greatest and most inventive decade of comics (the 1980’s.)


DC and Marvel are different beasts, each with their own take on the staple Superhero, and their movies reflect this beautifully, do not allow yourself to be swayed from watching an amazingly intense take on modern mythology.This post was once again written to help counterbalance the ridiculous amount of negativity that still abounds in media, the box office takings have proven that no matter what some random internet critic says, ultimately it’s the fans who decide if something is worthy of success, and in the case of Batman v Superman that success has been assured.

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  1. It doesn’t matter what critics say, like you said. What matters is the movie’s making money and fans like it. There’ll be more, which is what I want. I’m chomping at the bit now to see the Ultimate Cut. I get it July 16th. Can’t wait. And, I can’t wait til they announce Affleck’s stand alone Batman movie. Fun times ahead.

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    • Indeed my friend, the movie is doing fantastically at the box office, so all’s well. I too cannot wait for the extended cut, so much great stuff to come including Batgirl (or at least Babs Gordon) I just find it crazy that the hate wagon is still going on this one, especially considering how absolutely fantastic the film is. Thanks as ever for reading my friend, have a great day. 🙂

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  2. it’s like you said, most of the hate for this movie is coming from people who never even seen the movie. And i feel like those who had seen it would have hated it regardless of the outcome. if it was like you basic comedy action filled light theme marvel movie people would have complained that DC movies feels too much like marvel. They would say DC isn’t very original in their style if they have to copy from marvel so much. But now that this movie when ahead and became more original and is different then the rest of the marvel movies they are complaining that it is too different and too dark. I feel like no matter what this movie did it would have been criticized like it is now but just for different reasons. People are just use to the marvel way an being different in the comic movie world makes people feel weird. I hope DC keeps being different and doing its own thing 🙂

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    • Hi there 🙂 I absolutely agree, no matter how DC approached this, it would have been criticised. The fact that it is different in its approach is what makes it more appealing than the comic book movies that came before it. I too hope that DC continue along this same route and don’t bow down to all the criticism, the movie has been a success at the box office and with the fans, and that is what really matters. Thanks for reading and commenting my friend and have a great day. 🙂

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