Comic Cover Of The Week: Detective Comics #50


Detective Comics #50 – Full colour Variant

Welcome back my comic collecting cohorts to an extra special instalment of ‘Comic Cover Of The Week’ that triumphantly celebrates the incoming cinematic showdown between the two biggest titans of the comic book world – The Dark Knight Detective versus The Man Of Steel.

With the highly anticipated confrontation just mere weeks away, DC are celebrating this epic super-power beatdown by releasing a cadre of alternate covers on ten of their biggest titles this month. These poly-bagged variants will come in three different forms, from full colour to partial pencil and inked editions similar to the recent Harley Quinn alternate cover run.

BvS month 1 - Edited

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is now only a tantalising three weeks away, and as you can probably imagine, being the DC Comics fanatics that we are, there is a lot of excitement and eagerness for the cinematic excursion here in the hallowed halls of Precinct1313.

This is the movie I have personally been waiting for since that time I first abandoned myself to the fantastic worlds and alternate universes of DC Comics as an unknowing six year old. Since then not only has my love and admiration of these iconic characters grown exponentially, but also has my longing for a live action movie featuring the big three from DC. And finally in three weeks it all comes true… so stay with us fellow fans of fantastic fiction as we head towards the biggest comic book event in cinematic history… it’s gonna rock, trust me!


Detective Comics #50 is available at your local comic book emporium right now. Written by: Peter J. Tomasi. Art by: Matt Ryan, Fernando Pasarin. Cover by: Tyler Kirkham. Variant Covers by: Rafael Grampa.

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