Batman v Superman: Final Trailer Released


Ok so this is it, the final trailer for the ultimate comic-book showdown – “Bat of Gotham versus Son of Krypton.” What I love the most about this new trailer is the portrayal of the Dark Knight, this is how I have always imagined the Batman in a live action movie. As much as I love the previous cinematic incarnations of the Caped Crusader, they have never quite lived up to my expectations of the actual comic book character himself. Zack Snyder’s version is darker, edgier and a lot more physical than previous personifications, and is thus more akin to the comic book original, the opening sequence of the new trailer alone was enough to convince me that this is the Batman we have been waiting for… and the one we deserve! Β Enjoy…

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  1. Now this shld keep me going until the Best Superhero Movie reaches our screens in May! πŸ˜‰
    Still not sure about that Lex Luthor – grief, hope that is a wig…
    An armour-plated Batman? Maybe, but certain that Jeremy Irons’ Alfred will steal th show!
    Btw, where’s Aquaman?!
    Hey, a big thank u for following my SW blog-a-thon! No doubt when u turned up in Week 1 u thot: uff, Brad’s prattling on w that Star Bores rubbish AGAIN. Wouldn’t have blamed u if u boycotted th next 2 Posts, but glad to see u pop round anyways!
    Crazy hectic around here – haven’t had the chance to catch up w other peeps’ blogs until now: soz about that.

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    • Hey there good sir, you got the date wrong, it’s March not May! πŸ˜‰ Yes indeedy, Alfred is gonna rock, love J.Irons and I’m glad they are making him as snarky as the comic book version. As far as old Arthur Curry is concerned, it will probably only be a (very cool) cameo, same goes for Cyborg I believe. Something to look forward to. Damn, I’m excited!…

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