Hippolyta Steps Forth

CN Hippolyta

Connie Nielsen In Gladiator

Danish actress Connie Nielsen has been officially cast in the iconic role of Hippolyta, Themysciran Queen and mother to Wonder Woman. Connie Nielsen is best known for her role as Lucilla in Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator,” but has also starred alongside John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson in “Basic,” and Tim Robbins in Brian De Palma’s “Mission To Mars.”


Hippolyta made her first appearance in “All Star Comics #8” in 1941. Created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter, she is the Queen of the Amazons, ruling the immortal race of Greek warrior women from the paradise island of Themyscira. 

The Amazon Queen has undergone a few revisions in origin over the years, but in current continuity Hippolyta and her sister Amazons were created by a select pantheon of the Greek gods that included Hestia, Athena, and Aphrodite from the souls of women slain by men throughout the millenia, with Hippolyta herself over 3200 years old. Hippolyta is both a shrewd diplomat and skilled warrior, and bore her daughter Diana from a romantic entanglement with Greek God of Gods – Zeus

Wonder Woman is currently filming in the UK and Italy, with actress Gal Gadot starring as the Amazing Amazon and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Due to be released in 2017.

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  1. Fascinating. I assumed Robin Wright would play this role when I heard she was cast. Great choice for Hippolyta though. Wonder who Robin Wright’s playing?

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    • Yes indeed, it’s nice to know that there are still a few surprises in the casting choices. Have you seen that the rather gorgeous actress Amber Heard is up for the role as Aquaman’s Queen, Mera… another fantastic casting. Oh and maybe Robin Wright will be Circe? we can but hope.


  2. I’ll check it out. Nick Cage is really good in a flick called “Joe”. Excellent acting. I kinda feel bad for the guy. I guess he had some bad financial problems and had to just make whatever film came his way. He’s done a lot of shit in recent years. Oh, check out “The Death of Superman Lives” by Jon Schnepp. It’s a terrific documentary on the Nick Cage/ Tim Burton Superman movie that almost was in the 90’s. Kevin Smith of Clerks fame wrote a draft of the script and is in the movie. Very enjoyable stuff.

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    • I am a big fan of Cage, but he has done some rubbish over the past few years, but there have been a few gems, I did enjoy Cage and Ron Perlman in ‘Season of the Witch’ cheesy but fun. I remember the whole Nick Cage/Superman thing (all kinds of crazy really!) will definitely check out the documentary.

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  3. Wow, excellent choice!
    Suddenly this WW movie is looking good

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  4. Sweet! I’ve watched the earlier movies on Wonder Woman but never from start to end.. Guess this is going to be super amazing for me as I’ll be learning a lot from this movie (and hopefully my Comics related IQ will go up a notch! Hehe!)

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