Happy Inception Day Roy Batty

Nexus 6 batty

That’s right fellow Blade Runners, today marks the incept date of one of celluloid’s coolest ever antagonists; the Nexus 6 designated: N6MAA10816, better known as Roy Batty. It has been an astonishing 34 years since Rutger Hauer’s cool as ice, enigmatic psychopath Batty was first introduced in Ridley Scott’s ground-breaking dystopian sci-fi flick “Blade Runner.”Β 

rb bd

The Tyrell Corporation’s genetically engineered ‘replicants’ are virtually indistinguishable from humans and are created to mostly perform hazardous tasks on off world colonies. The use of replicants on Earth however is banned, and any stray replicants who defy this are hunted down and ‘retired’ by specialist government agents known as Blade Runners. Hauer’s Roy Batty is the leader of a renegade group of Nexus-6 replicants, who are faster, stronger and considerably more intelligent than the average human but are still learning to deal with slowly developing emotions. Ultimately returning to Earth to confront their creator Eldon Tyrell on a quest to extend their meagre 4 year lifespan.

Happy Birthday Roy…

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  1. Blade Runner’s one of the finest scifi movies of all time. Happy Inception Day, Mr. Batty.

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  2. Excellent post, I love Blade Runner, one of the best science fiction movies ever.

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  3. Good call!
    Even my sensors failed to pick this 1 up!
    Poor Roy – he saw things we people wouldn’t believe
    1 of the best SF characters – no, characters in general – EVER!

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  4. Brilliant call, mate! Gonna have to watch this tonight as well. πŸ˜€

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