Comic Cover Of The Week: Harley Quinn’s Little Black Book #1

Copyright: DC Comics

Copyright: DC Comics

Welcome my comic collecting cohorts to another instalment of “Comic Cover Of The Week,” and once more our spotlight of excellence falls upon the amazing Amanda Conner, and yet another Harley Quinn comic. The Mistress of Mayhem stars in an all new series that takes cues from classic DC team up books such as “Brave and the Bold,” but with a crazy Quinn spin.

With Harley Quinn series regulars Amanda Conner and husband Jimmy Palmiotti on writing duties, this new book has the same quirky style and tone as her regular monthly. Amanda Conner provides most of the interior art as well as the fantastic cover, with occasional Harley collaborator John Timms stepping in for a short flashback sequence.

Harley-Quinn-Little-Black-Book-Variant-Cover Harley Quinn’s Little Black Book also heralds this month’s DC variant cover theme, with ten titles  shipping in black opaque comic bags, each containing one of three variants; one in full colour, the  second inked black and white, and the third featuring just the original pencil artwork. 

Plus, some lucky purchasers have been opening their black bagged copies to find ultra rare original covers that contain artwork drawn directly onto the blank cover. These original sketch edition specials are in small supply and feature art from the likes of, J Scott Campbell and Joe Quinones, so if you manage to secure one of these extremely scarce alternates count yourself very lucky indeed.

Harley Quinn’s Little Black Book is available from your local comic book emporium right now.

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