Comic Cover Of The Week: Midnighter #5

Copyright: DC Comics

Copyright: DC Comics

Welcome, my comic collecting cohorts to another instalment of “Comic Cover Of The Week,” and this weeks spotlight of excellence falls upon “Midnighter #5.”  Another excellent entry in Steve Orlando‘s take on the ex-Authority advocate Midnighter, this series has really been a stand out success for DC since it began in June, at least as far as, great writing, engaging characters and larger than life situations are concerned.

For the uninitiated, Midnighter began life as a member of the rogue superhero team The Authority, created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch and published by the (back then) independent Wildstorm Comics imprint. Making his debut in Stormwatch (vol 2) #4 in February of 1998, Midnighter was one of the very first comic characters to be openly gay (just a few years behind Marvel’s Northstar) and during his Wildstorm Comics’ saga was married to fellow Authority member Apollo


“Call me Batman again, I dare ya!”

Often interpreted as a parallel to Batman in both look and approach, what sets the characters apart are Midnighter’s inherent superhuman abilities and propensity for killing his enemies, creator Warren Ellis described the character more as “The Shadow, by way of John Woo,” and this sums up Midnighter perfectly. Wildstorm Comics was acquired by DC Comics in 1999 and continued to function as a separate entity, until 2010 when it was shut down and the characters were absorbed into DC‘s own universe during their major relaunch in 2011. DC‘s “New 52″ rebooted the continuity of all their characters and consequently introduced Midnighter and his fellow Wildstorm crew into the DC Universe timeline.

Midnighter #5 is available at your local comic book emporium right now. Written by: Steve Orlando. Cover art by: Aco. Interior art by: Stephen Mooney.

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  1. Looks awesome! I had no idea about this series. Thanks for sharing, Bruce!
    I’m going to show-off all my new knowledge in front my younger brother… he’s 14 and it’s quite easy to fool him into thinking that I’m really smart (lol!)

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