Comic Cover Of The Week: Gotham By Midnight #8

Copyright: DC Comics

Copyright: DC Comics

New comics Wednesday is upon us once more my comic collecting cohorts, and with it comes a multitude of fantastic covers. So many awesome covers this week in fact, that it was hard to actually pick a favourite, but ultimately for me the stand-out is yet another Bill Sienkiewicz masterpiece.

Gotham By Midnight follows a Gotham PD task force known as The Midnight Shift, a rag-tag group of investigators that deal with threats to the city that fall outside the expertise of the Police and in some cases even The Batman! The Midnight Shift was created by Commissioner Gordon and is led by none other than The Spectre himself, Jim Corrigan.


This issue deals with how much the news influences the public… literally! with two newsreaders who seem to have an almost supernatural control over their viewers. In this particular case, no news would definitely be good news!

Gotham By Midnight #8 is available from your local comic book emporium right now. Written by:Juan Ferreyra. Cover by: Bill Sienkiewicz. Interior art by: Ray Fawkes.


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  1. Fabulous cover! Good art
    Guess what, good sir!
    I’ve nominated you for the ‘In Thy Future Challenge’!
    To check out the details, lookee here:

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