Comic Cover Of The Week: Secret Six #5

Copyright: DC Comics

Copyright: DC Comics

Welcome once more my comic collecting cohorts to another Comic Cover Of The Week, and this week our spotlight of excellence falls upon Secret Six #5, an amazingly detailed and meticulous cover by the extremely talented Dale Eaglesham. Eaglesham’s art is always astoundingly intricate and he manages to embellish every piece of his art with an exaggerated style that enables his characters to leap effortlessly off the page. Secret Six has so far been a joy to read, but with the immensely talented Gail Simone at the helm, you would expect nothing less.

Like most of the other titles released by DC Comics this month, Secret Six also ships with an amazing ‘Bombshells’ variant cover by the fantastic Emanuela Lupacchino, who is fast becoming a favourite in the halls of Precinct1313 since we first discovered her artwork in the new monthly series ‘Starfire.’ 

Secret Six: Harley quinn Variant

Secret Six: Harley Quinn Variant

Plot Synopsis: After an attack on Big Shot’s home, the teams suburban retreat lies exposed. As the team starts to fracture, the highly dysfunctional band of outcasts prepare themselves for another strike from Mockingbird.

Secret Six #5 is available from your local comic-book emporium right now. Written by: Gail Simone. Cover and interior art by: Dale Eaglesham. Variant cover by: Emanuela Lupacchino.

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