Official SDCC Suicide Squad Trailer Released

The formerly exclusive trailer of Suicide Squad shown at last weekends San Diego Comic-Con, has just been officially released by Warner Brothers. David Ayer’s rendition of DC Comics famous team of Super-Villains who work covertly on black-ops missions for the Government hits cinemas in August 2016. The trailer includes extensive footage of everyone’s favourite misfit Harley Quinn, plus watch out for a brief appearance from the Dark Knight himself, and right at the end, his nemesis… The Joker!  Enjoy…


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  1. LOVE this. Jared Leto’s Joker is gonna rock! Love that laugh. ‘I’m not going to kill you. I’m just going to hurt you, really, really bad.” Hell yes!!

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  2. Gotta admit, I had doubts Jared Leto would pull it off, but his clip in this trailer rockedddddddd!

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  3. It’s looking rather fantastic indeed! Especially love the Leto Joker, and of course Harley Quinn! Deadshot’s costume is also pretty damn cool too. 🙂

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    • Oh yes, Deadshot I am familiar w, tho must confess I had not heard of Harley Quinn until recently!
      Who knows, even Will Smith might impress me for once, ha!
      Can u wait that long for this release?!

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      • It is a long way off indeed. Being a DC fanatic though, I have already waited for what seems like forever for their classic heroes & villains to finally get onto the big screen, another year isn’t so long I guess. I do like Harley Quinn I must say, and her New52 comic series has been wonderfully silly and fun.

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      • Don’t worry, my friend.
        Plenty of thrill-power around now to keep u occupied until then.

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  4. Is the ant man any good to see
    Thank you for visiting
    As always Sheldon

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