Comic Cover Of The Week: Convergence – Action Comics #2

(DC Comics, 2015)

(DC Comics, 2015)

This weeks confrontational comic-cover is drawn by one of the Precinct1313’s  all time favourite artists, the astounding Amanda Conner. Convergence: Action Comics #2 features a colossal struggle between what are quite possibly the world’s two most powerful female superheroes, the amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman versus the girl of steel, Power Girl. Be prepared for a battle royale of immense magnitude as these two titans of the DC Universe duke it out in an alternate reality clash between the ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ and ‘Red Son’ universes.

Convergence is a two month long maxi-series of comics that brings together heroes and villains from multiple timelines and alternate realities, to battle it out under the control of the villainous Braniac. Convergence: Action Comics #2 is written by: Justin Gray. Interior art by: Sean Parsons and Claude St. AubinCover art by: Amanda ConnerAlternative cover by: Chip Kidd.

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  1. Interesting Post, Bruce!
    Good to see ol classic: Action Comics resurrected w a new beginning, but man, NOT so keen on THAT cover – can’t believe it’s Amanda Conner!
    Sneakd a peek @ that Hawkman issue last wk – th art didn’t impress me, I’m afraid.
    Still, v happy to see comics get such a resurgence considering how a decade ago they looked like dying out to computer games.
    That’s enough waffle for 1 day!

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  2. equinoxio21

    A nice cover. I’m not sure fist-fighting was exactly on women’s libbers a while back.
    🙂 That’s the way it goes!
    Be good

    Liked by 1 person

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