Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice – Official Trailer

(DC Comics, Warner Brothers)

(DC Comics, Warner Brothers)

After the much anticipated trailer for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs Superman film was leaked (via a badly filmed smart phone video) early on Friday, Warner Brothers brought forward their premier and officially released it on Friday evening. So here it is for your delectation my comic loving cohorts, and marvel at just how close some of the sequences are to Frank Miller’s excellent 80’s mini-series The Dark Knight Returns. Enjoy…


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  1. This is gonna be AWESOME!!! “Do you bleed? You will!” Oh, hell, yeah!!!!

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  2. And Wonder Woman is going to be in this? Can’t tell from this trailer!
    There was a great 4-part story: “The Weird” (1988; excellent art by the legend: Berni Wrightson!) which featured both these 2 together – personally I would prefer to see THAT developed.
    Glad u are pleased w this, my friend!

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    • Wonder Woman is in this my friend, I think it will probably be a brief cameo in preparation for her 2017 movie debut. Aquaman and Cyborg are also down for appearing as well, can’t wait! And Bernie Wrightson is amazing … definitely agree!!

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