New Comics Spotlight: Convergence #1

(DC Comics, 2015)

(DC Comics, 2015)

Well, my comic collecting cohorts, this is the big one, the entire DC Universe from the dawn of time through the ‘New 52′ reboot will come together against a threat that will bend the multiverse to its own will. Every character from DC’s past, including alternate reality variants of existing heroes and villains (including classic Elseworld characters such as vampire Batman from Red Rain) will be brought into this massive ongoing saga that runs the entire month of April, this will lead up to next months addition of 25 new ongoing comic series to the DC Comics line.

Conv Bats

Convergence gathers together all existing and forgotten storylines and characters from DC’s past and present, and thrusts them together in an attempt to determine where do worlds go when they die. After Braniac gains access to the Vanishing Point, (a dimension that exists outside of space and time, occurring in the last possible moment before entropy ends everything in the universe) he gains the ability to look back at the histories of worlds that are now deceased. He determines to gather these long lost worlds together, and pit them against each other so he can observe the eventual outcome.

Convergence titles available this week are: Convergence #1, Titans, The Question, The Atom, Superman, Speed Force, Nightwing/Oracle, Justice League, Harley Quinn, Batman and Robin, and Batgirl.

DC’s regular monthly titles will be taking a one month hiatus whilst this epic time spanning saga unfolds. As of next month, the DC universe you thought you knew, will be a whole new beast indeed my friends. It is an exciting time to be a DC fanatic!!

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  1. I just don’t get it. they rebooted everything witht he new 52 and the issue 0 comics in that story line. I don’t see why they need to dredge up everything and than have 25 new books. We just got new books or relaunched books. I mean are they mad that the end of the joker death of the family was a dud and want an excuse to relaunch the joker again . . oh waut THEY JUST DID THAT!!!!! ugh I get marvel doing there secret wars they needed a reboot. But dc rebooting a rebot that was working and 90% of it people generaly liked seems like a needless stunt. I liked how things were going. Why cant they just let the stories play out, what do I know though I’ve only been reading comics for 25 years.
    p.s. nice post Arcane Halloween as always!

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting my friend! It’s not so much a reboot as it is a spring clean of titles that aren’t so popular, 20 plus of the current ‘new 52’ titles will continue on though, and 25 new titles will replace the others.

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      • well that’s a relief. I don’t know if they kept or Axed Birds of Prey , any word on the Dick Grayson book will it stay or go back to nightwing? I assume Harley’s solo book will stay as well.

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      • The titles I know of being axed are: Green Lantern Corps, Red Lanterns, Klarion, Trinity of Sin, Earth 2, World’s Finest, Arkham Manor and unfortunately (and surprisingly) Batwoman, Harley, Grayson and Birds of Prey continue as far as I know. Shame about Batwoman though, as it is one of my favourite titles, but sales haven’t been great since JH Williams left.


      • really no more batwoman wellthats a shame. They just reintroduced spoiler in Batman Eternal so could they put Batwoman in different book as a recurring guest instead of axing the charector incompletely? Its a loss of a great charector and a cool costume

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      • Batwoman will still be around, just not have her own comic for a while. I personally think she would make a great addition to the Birds of Prey team.

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      • You know I was just thinking that but is batgirl still on it or not could be a little crowded with 2 bat women

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      • You can never have too many Batwomen 😉

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      • hahahaha 😉 too true my friend too true

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  2. I’ll be checking these out, but I kinda agree that it is awfully soon to be rebooting so soon after the New 52, which I liked. I’ll be interested to see where this all ends up.

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  3. I see Batman (specially with all the extra shadows) and my heart skips a beat…!!! He’s a real hero!
    Great post Bruce 🙂

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