British Fantasy Author – Terry Pratchett Passes Away, Aged 66.

D World 1

Much loved British fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett passed away today at the age of 66, after a long battle against Alzheimers disease of which he was diagnosed with a form of called – posterior cortical atrophy in 2007. Sir Terry was best known for his Discworld series of novels, which comprised about 40 books, with the first volume The Colour Of Magic published in 1983. 

Terry P

He is one of the UK’s biggest selling authors of all time, having sold around 85 million books in his long career as a novelist. He was knighted and given the Order of the British Empire in 1998 for his service to English literature. Very sad news indeed, Terry Pratchett’s books were a mainstay of myself and friends throughout our school years. Our thoughts go to his family at this time.

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  1. Haven’t read his books. Are they good?

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    • They are fantastic, the Discworld series is a must read. His books are some of the funniest things I have ever read, a brilliant satirist too, you definitely would absolutely love his humour my friend. He was very much loved and respected here in the UK, such a shame.

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  2. I’ve heard of him but not read him. I’ll have to remedy that.

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  3. RIP!
    I have a lot of books by Mr. Pratchett on my TBR list and I’m sure they all are amazing 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this Bruce.

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