New Comics Spotlight: Justice League Unlimited #10 – Variant Cover

(DC Comics, 2015)

(DC Comics, 2015)

Welcome once more DC Comics devotees to another new comics Wednesday, having just returned from my local purveyor of spandex clad heroes with a clutch of this weeks new releases, I have to say that this month’s JLU is a standout from the crowd with its fantastic Warner Brothers Variant cover depiction of the classic Tim Burton movie – Mars Attacks.

Movie Variant Month. JLU #10

Plot Synopsis: With the immediate threat of Infinitus over, JLU and the Legion of Superheroes turn their combined might towards the black hole created by Braniac 5, which threatens to consume not just the heroes themselves but also the planet Thanagar.

JLU 10

Another superbly written and bold issue from the mind of Jeff Lemire, with fantastic art by Jay Leisten and Neil Edwards. Variant cover by Daniel Hipp and Marco D’Alfonso.

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  1. Another gem. I really like Mars Attacks, too.

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  2. Looks promising 🙂 Great cover! 🙂

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