Don’t Panic! … It’s Douglas Adams’ Birthday.

HH G 2

Today would have marked the 63rd birthday of British Sci-Fi author Douglas Adams, most famous for his classic Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy series of books. Adams was born in Cambridge, England in 1952, beginning his writing career with reports for his local photography club – Brentwoodian, and satrical pieces for his school magazine – Broadsheet.

D. Adams

After leaving college, Adams was determined to become a writer for television and radio, his big break came when he was discovered by Monty Python’s Graham Chapman, who he formed a writing partnership with and gained credit for a sketch in episode 45 called Patient Abuse. When his script  for Hitchhikers was successfully turned into a BBC radio play, Adams briefly became a BBC radio producer, before leaving the post 6 months later to become a script editor on Dr Who.

HH G 1

The very popular radio show later spawned an even better BBC television series in the eighties, it wasn’t until 2005 that a movie version of his work appeared, unfortunately Adams never lived long enough to see his dream of Hitchhikers becoming a major motion picture, as he sadly passed away in 2001 from a myocardial infaction, he was a mere 49 years of age. Happy Birthday Mr Adams!

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  1. An awesome fellow indeed.

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  2. An amazing talent – much missed.
    Enjoyed th BBC TV series of HGttG all those yrs ago and th recent movie was enjoyable – a welcome intro to th amazing Martin Freeman.
    Really need to read that trilogy in 4 parts again!
    And also, D.N.A. & I share a birthday!

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  3. Belated Happy Birthday Mr. Adams 🙂
    Thanks a lot Bruce for sharing about Mr. Adams. He’s one of my favourite writers and a huge legend! I so wish he could have lived to see his dream come true…

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