New Comics Spotlight: Green Lantern #40 – Movie Variant Cover

GL 2001..2

(DC Comics, 2015)

Welcome friends to another new comics wednesday, and the spotlight this week falls on: Green Lantern #40 – movie variant cover. Now I’ll be completely honest and say that I haven’t had the chance to read the issue as of yet, but was I was so impressed with its alternate cover, that even without experiencing its interstellar tales of the Green Lantern Corps, as of yet… the cover alone qualifies it for the spotlight.

Green Lantern/2001 A Space Odyssey comparison.

Green Lantern/2001 A Space Odyssey comparison.

As I mentioned earlier this week, DC comics is celebrating 100 years of Warner Brothers Film, with special movie variant covers across 22 of it’s monthly titles, depicting a classic WB film poster redone using DC’s biggest characters. Green Lantern’s take on Stanley Kubrick’s breathtaking classic, 2001 A Space Odyssey is a gorgeous recreation, pencilled by Tony Harris.

Plot Synopsis:

Green Lantern, Hal Jordan strangely betrays the Corps, turning on the Templar Guardians and his actions will have consequences that will carry throughout all of the Green Lantern titles. 

Green Lantern is available at your local comic-book emporium right now. Cover Art: Mark Irwin, Billy Tan. Movie Variant: Tony Harris. Written by: Robert Venditti.

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