Comic Cover Of The Week

I don’t usually do a comic cover of the week, the main reason being that I can never decide on a favourite, there really are too many stunning pieces of cover art out there to choose just one. Until today when I saw the cover for Sensation Comics #24, and decided to share its amazingly stylised cover.

WW sensation #24

(DC Comics, 2015)

Amazing stuff I’m sure you would agree, Noelle Stevenson, co-writer of Boom Studio’s Lumberjanes comic provides interior art for the comic and brings his own quirky art style to the awesome Amazon’s adventures. Comic cover of the week will probably not end up being a regular feature, as I tend to spend more time deciding which cover I like the most, than actually writing about it!

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  1. I know she’s only a comic book character, but I gotta admit, I find Wonder Woman to be SMOKIN’ hot!

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  2. Jae Lee is amazing. His work just keeps getting better (and creepier). Sure, his early stuff on Namor was great, but compared to these recent covers and his work on Batman/Superman and Before Watchmen, you can see how Jae’s improved and also how printing technologies have improved.

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  3. Does anyone have her cell number?

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  4. ADORE all thing’s Jea Lee!
    Especially his edgier creepier work. *Swoons…..

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