New Comics Spotlight: Secret Origins #9

Swamp Thing #9

New comics spotlight this week falls upon DC’s return of the Secret Origins comic, this is actually the first issue of this updated series that I have picked up so far and not because of it’s cover star, Swamp Thing (though I do like the character), but for the back up story of Power Girl. This issue also features Green Lantern, John Stewart’s origin story.

The original Secret Origins comic goes way back to 1961, it was published as a one-shot and contained mainly reprinted stories, eventually becoming a mini-series in 1973 which ran a total of seven issues. It had a much larger print run in 1986, which comprised of  fifty issues that ran through to 1990. Chronicling the origins of the post crisis heroes and villains, I still have a large number of these original comics in my collection, so it was great to see the series return in April this year with the revised origin stories of the New 52 variants of DC’s popular heroes and villains.

Secret-Origins #9

As mentioned, Swamp Thing takes centre stage for this particular issue, Swampy is an elemental humanoid/vegetative hybrid possessing super strength and telepathic mastery over all plant life, created by Len Wein and Berni Wrightson in 1971, with his first appearance in House of Secrets #92. Some of you may recognise Swampy from his popular television series in the 1980’s or the two films by prolific horror director Wes Craven and though by today’s standards they do come across rather camp and cheesy, they still hold up as a fun blast from the past and are well worth a watch.

If you are new to the DC Universe and have only started reading it since their New 52 reboot in 2011, then this is the perfect series to give you the up to date and revamped origin stories of their eponymous heroes and villains.

Swamp Thing is written by Charles Soule with interior art by Javi Pina, Power Girl is by Paul Levitz and Alisson Borges, and John Stewart’s origin is by Van Jensen and Pat Broderick.

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  1. Love Swamp Thing. Alan Moore’s issues are, of course, my favorite, but I love the character no matter who writes him. Guillarmo Del Torro is going to direct a Dark Justice League movie and I hope Swamp Thing gets at least a cameo in that. I’m sure you already knew this, however.

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    • I agree about Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing issues being the best, but then anything Moore touches turns to gold! He is without a doubt my favourite comic writer of all time, Watchmen and V are the greatest comics of all time. And yeah, Del Toro is a great pick for the director of Justice League Dark, a near perfect match really. I just can’t wait to see Zatanna on screen, much awesome! 🙂

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      • Ya. It’s gonna be great. I’m glad I lived to see all these great comic book characters brought to life on screen like this. Growing up in the 70’s reading and loving comics, I never dreamed something like this would be possible. I can’t get enough of it. On TV too, the Arrow and Flash series are great. I hope you get those over the pond in your area.

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      • We do indeed get them over here, I am loving both series, Arrow especially as it features some of my favourite characters, such as Black Canary and Deathstroke. It really is cool isn’t it, to see all these classic characters come to life on the big screen, can’t wait!

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      • I love Arrow. It has to best the best comic book based TV series yet. I like a lot of others, but Arrow rocks!

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      • Agreed, it really is most awesome! Looking forward to the Supergirl series too, fan of the character and the old 1984 movie.

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  2. Me too, on both points. I love Marvel stuff as much as DC. I know some say you shouldn’t or can’t or whatever, but to me, it’s all a fun world, and I’m glad I get to play in it and enjoy it.

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  3. Punisher is great. I really liked the Punisher: War Zone movie that came out a few years ago. If Marvel has rights to the character, I think he’d make a great Netflix series like they’re doing with Daredevil and others. Great time to be a comic book fan. I’m very hopeful that Ben Affleck’s Batman is gonna be great, too.

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  4. Just dawned on me. Swamp Thing would make a great animated DC movie. Hopefully they can do one.

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    • The Dark Knight Returns animated is definitely amazing and as you said a perfect translation of Miller’s story, I also really liked Peter Weller as Bats. As far as Swamp Thing is concerned, if I remember correctly there was a pretty good animated series in the early 90’s, not sure if it’s available on dvd though.


      • Right. I forgot about that. Yes. Peter Weller was excellent as Batman. Throne of Atlantis was quite enjoyable so check it out when you can. Batman VS Robin is the next DC animated feature that’s coming out. I really like owning them as each blu-ray is packed with extras, including 3 or 4 episodes of previous animated DC series on each disc.

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      • Glad you liked Throne of Atlantis, I am looking forward to Bats vs Robin, favourite so far for me have been the Wonder Woman animated movie (Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor was hilarious in that) and Under the Hood, because I am a massive Jason Todd fan.

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  5. Loved both of those. I keep hoping Nathan Fillion does a live action CBM. Baring that, I’d love for Joss Whedon to do another Firefly movie or series with him. That show was AWESOME!

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    • I have seen the film, Serenity, but not the series. I will admit I am more into fantasy than sci-fi though. I do like Nathan Fillion in most things I have seen him in though, so I may give it a go at some point,.


      • You’ll like it if you liked the movie. Same cast and only about 14 episodes. Fillion is great in Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing if you like Shakespeare. I love it, but even if you don’t, this version is very accessible and very funny. Nathan Fillion steals the show in it. Funny.

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