Twin Peaks Returns … but will the coffee taste as good 25 years on?

TW sign

That’s right Agent Cooper fans, the seminal show Twin Peaks is returning to our screens in 2016 after a twenty five year absence it was announced this week by series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost. The original series pilot episode aired in 1990 and followed the investigation of the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) by Special Agent Dale Cooper of the FBI (played by Kyle Maclachlan)

"Just the facts ma'am, oh and coffee ... lots of coffee"

“Just the facts ma’am, oh and coffee … lots of coffee”

Twin Peaks success is mainly down to David Lynch’s trademark style of strange and surrealistic storytelling in what initially feels like a mundane setting. It’s a campy almost soap opera like series that beneath the surface is actually unsettling and at times horrific, with some truly unique and bizarre characters. It ran for two seasons, that ended with a cliffhanger twist in June of 1991, with a rather unsuccessful return in 1992 with the film Fire Walk With Me. Twenty five years on can the show still be as impactful as the original?  being a huge fan of David Lynch and Twin Peaks I certainly hope it can. What are your views on this fellow Lynch fans, is this a good idea or should it be left well alone? … oh and David Duchovny is way too old to be wearing a dress nowadays … just saying!

Watch the Showtime announcement trailer below and keep your fingers crossed for great coffee and pie…

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