New Comics Spotlight: Batman 75th Anniversary Commemorative Collection

bats 75

It’s expensive being a Batman fanatic most of the time, especially right now with the Caped one celebrating seventy five years of arse-kicking, justice dispensing awesomeness! So many amazing collectibles have been released so far, but you can never have too much Batman. With this in mind DC Comics released this week a slip cover collection of three of the greatest stories of the masked manhunter yet written.

bats 75 collection

Beginning with the seminal eighties classic – The Dark Knight Returns, written and drawn by the legendary Frank Miller, this is one of the greatest pieces of Superhero fiction ever written (right up there with Watchmen and V for Vendetta in our humble opinion comic-fans). Next up is the amazing Hush, written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by one of the greatest artists in the medium – Jim Lee. Completing the trilogy is the more recent Court of Owls, written by Scott Snyder and drawn by the always fantastic Greg Capullo. Highly recommended to all Bat-fans, even if you own some of these separately, the set is so nicely put together that it’s worth buying again … I can hear my wallet crying.

Precinct1313 Rating: 5 costumed vigilantes out of 5



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  1. I just gave away my only copy of DK Returns, perfect excuse to buy this pack as I don’t have any of these trades currently, will look super-mega-awesome on the old bookshelf.


    • Sounds like the perfect reason to buy an awesome collectible good sir, have been enjoying your website, it is always cool to meet other Batman fanatics … thanks for the follow, it is much appreciated!


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