“Great Hera” – Wonder Woman Brought To Life…

ww premium statue

Now then, we have a very large collection of Superhero statues down here in Precinct1313’s comic crypt, and over half of them are of the amazing Amazon – Wonder Woman. Now it’s no secret that we love Diana here at the at the Precinct, she ranked number one on our favourite comic book characters of all time … but all of a sudden our extensive collection feels severely lacking since Sideshow collectibles showed off their interpretation of the Themysciran Greek Goddess.

ww premium statue

Sideshow Collectibles are ‘the’ manufacturer of museum quality statues and prop replicas, established in 1994, the company makes the very best in limited edition comic book and movie characters. This awesome Wonder Woman statue stands at 25.5 inches in height and approximately 11.5 inches in width at the base, made from high quality polystone the statue was designed by Zane Yarbrough and Kris Anka, with the paintwork by Kat Sapene and lovingly sculpted by Steve Schumacher.

ww premium statue 5

Standing atop a broken colosseum pillar, Diana’s armour and weaponry at her feet this statue is the very best realisation of a Wonder Woman  figure we have seen to date, limited to just 3500 worldwide and costing around £250/$399 … it is available by pre-order and is limited to only one per customer … now where did I put my credit card…

ww premium statue 4


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