Super-Villain Sunday…

Today’s super-powered homicidal maniac is – Silver Banshee…


The Silver Banshee was created by John Byrne in 1987, and made her first appearance in Superman #595. Siobahn McDougal was born in Castle Broen, which is situated on a small island just off the coast of Ireland, Her father Garrett is the leader of a Gaelic clan that has occupied this island for centuries.  Siobahn spent the earlier part of her life travelling the World, until the unfortunate news of her father passing away brought her back to Castle Broen, fully expecting to take up her father’s role as clan leader through the right of being the first born, she was blocked by her Uncle who declared that no woman should ever be allowed to lead their clan.

Deciding to ignore his protestations, Siobahn went ahead with the ancient family ritual that involved invoking supernatural forces that would enable her to lead her clan, interrupted part way through by her young brother, Siobahn was dragged into an infernal dimension where she met the Crone, who granted her powers and the ability to return to the World as long as Siobahn delivered to her an occult book owned by her father … thus the Silver Banshee was born.

silver baqnshee2

Silver Banshee possesses super strength, is highly intelligent and of course has a hypersonic scream, like her Banshee namesake, she can also use her sonic abilities to teleport via the sound waves themselves. Banshee has appeared in a number of Justice League animated episodes and movies, she made her first ‘live’ performance in an episode of Smallville in 2010, portrayed by actress Odessa Rae.

Odessa Rae as the Silver Banshee

Odessa Rae as the Silver Banshee

Villainous Rating: 4 supersonic screams out of 5

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