Get drawn in by – The Scribbler…

the scribbler1

Based upon the fantastic Image Comics 2006 graphic novel written and illustrated by Dan Schaffer, The Scribbler is the story of Suki, a patient with multiple personality disorder, who is given access to an experimental procedure known as – The Siamese Burn, a procedure designed to delete all her personalities, but which of the extraneous personalities is actually her?

the scribbler comic book

The original 96 page comic is a highly entertaining read and is recommended, and if the film is half as good as the source material then we should be in for a strange, surrealistic, dark dystopian ride alongside Suki and her many personalities. With a great cast that includes: Katie Cassidy (from Arrow), former Slayer – Eliza Dushku and Gina Gershon, I for one am very much looking forward to this comic-book adaptation. Initial critic reviews have been, so far, unfavourable … but we at Precinct1313 never listen to the opinions of critics, preferring to make up our own minds, watch the newest trailer below comic-fans…


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