It’s a bird, it’s a plane….it’s Supergirl!


‘That’s right…I’m baaaaaack!’

It looks like we will be getting yet another classic Superhero gracing our TV screens real soon, this time everyone’s favourite girl of steel – Supergirl. Warner Brothers are currently working on an adaptation of the character, and fan favourite comic author Geoff Johns is rumoured to be onboard. Supergirl, real name Kara Zor-El was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino in 1958 as a female counterpart to Superman, she is his cousin and one of the few survivors of the destruction of their home planet of Krypton. 

supergirl helen slater

This of course isn’t the first time Clark Kent’s Kryptonian cousin has appeared in film and television, she was portrayed in the 1984 move ‘Supergirl’ by actress Helen Slater, a much maligned movie that yes is rather cheesy, but is also a whole lot of fun…plus it’s one of the very few Superhero movies that has a female Superhero as its star, and Helen was great in the role, looking very much like the comic character herself. 


In 2007, actress Laura Vandervoort portrayed the girl of steel in the television series Smallville, and continued to play the character for the rest of the series, we have always thought that the actress bore a striking resemblance to comic artist Michael Turner’s amazing rendition of Supergirl. With Superhero TV series’ getting popular with shows like Arrow, the Flash and Gotham, it’s about time we see more female comic characters on screen, and Supergirl is the perfect choice to lead the way!

Precinct1313 Anticipation Rating: Stratospheric!

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  1. Just watched the newest episode of Supergirl, can’t get enough of this show.

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