We Love Kotobukiya – #5

Welcome once more comic-collecting friends to another installment of – We Love Kotobukiya, our regular look at all the cool toys and statues that this fantastic Japanese company creates. Today we are focusing on the Cupid of Crime, the inimitable Harley Quinn!

koto harley4


Mistress of Mischief, Harley was first introduced in September of 1992 in the Batman animated series episode – Joker’s Favour, created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, Harley’s character became so popular that  just one year later she was incorporated into the DC comic universe as a regular character, with her first comic appearance in Batman Adventures #12.

In 1994 the Eisner award winning one shot comic – Mad Love was released, written by Harley’s original creators, it focused on Harley Quinn’s origin story. Harleen Quinzel was a Psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, it was here that she first met and fell in love with her ‘puddin’ the Joker whilst she was treating him, and eventually turned to crime to impress him, later becoming his accomplice and on/off love interest. She has become one of DC Comic’s most beloved characters, with her fun yet dangerous demeanour, endearing her to millions of fans worldwide and is always a favourite amongst cosplayers!

koto harley1

The Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue of Harley was released towards the end of 2012, designed by Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by Mashiro Takahashi. The statue itself stands a little over 10″, and she is wearing her original and very iconic, red and black harlequin outfit.

koto harley2

Sat astride her giant mallet, Harley looks amazing, it is always the details that really make Kotobukiya’s statues stand out from a sea of toys and figures, and Harley is no different, with once again her beautifully painted eyes being a stand out feature.

koto harley3

There also exists a rarer variant of the figure released in 2013 which depicts her sans mask, though either version will fit beautifully next to the other Bishoujo statues of the Gotham City Sirens of crime – Catwoman and Poison Ivy on your shelf.

koto harley5


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