New Comics Spotlight: Sensation Comics #1

Sensation #1 2014

Welcome comic lovers to another comic-book spotlight, this week we will be focusing on the return of DC’s Sensation comics, the original run of Sensation began in 1942 and heralded the historic debut of comics’ first lady – Wonder Woman. This new imprint will be Wonder Woman’s first digital series, but if you prefer your comics to be more hands on then the series will also be released in print one week after the digital version.

The title is going to be standalone and not focus on the current continuity in Wonder Woman’s main comic, this will enable the different creative teams working on the book to give a fresh new perspective to Diana’s adventures, akin to the old DC Elseworld titles, which took established Superheroes and supplanted them into new and interesting scenarios (examples of which are a vampiric Batman in Red Rain and a Russian Superman in Red Son)

Sensation #1 1942

Original 1942 Sensation #1 debuting Wonder Woman.

The first run on this comic will be by one of Precinct1313’s favourite comic scribes, the fantastic Gail Simone, who had an award winning run on Wonder Woman’s premium series in 2007. Artist Ethan Van Sciver is handling cover and interior art, best known for his long run as penciller for the Batman/Superman and Green Lantern titles. The first story will be a two issue run, with the Amazon Princess visiting Gotham City and running afoul of the Clown Prince of crime and the Mistress of Mischief…Joker and Harley Quinn. The first issue is available as a digital download right now with the physical version out next week.

Precinct1313 rating: 5 golden lassos out of 5.


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