Classic Survival-Horror may take up Residence in your TV…


He’s behind me, isn’t he!?

An as yet unannounced production company is apparently working on a television series based upon the long running survival horror video-game: Resident Evil. The name of the script is currently – Arklay, obviously named after the mysterious mountain region near Raccoon City where a certain spooky mansion resides.

The script which is being written by Shawn Lebert, concerns a Raccoon City Police detective named James Reinhardt who gets caught up in some bizarre homicides that are taking place across the city. This could make for a supremely creepy supernatural series that will hopefully stick close to its source material…there is so much great fiction involved in Capcom’s long running series, if they get the atmosphere right this could be fantastic … so get ready to zombie out, Resi fans.

Update: The global Film and Television production company – Mance Media has the rights to produce the series.



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