Blink and you might miss this new Flash trailer…

The new trailer for CW’s Flash series has released and once again the upcoming Superhero saga is looking absolutely wonderful. Grant Gustin is portraying the Scarlet Speedster – Barry Allen, and the first episode will be premiered on October 7th, are you as excited as we are?

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  1. I’m not a flash fan I always though he was kinda a stupid hero but I gotta say this does look cool and if they do it even half as good as Arrow I’d say they got something!


    • It does indeed look amazing, hopefully the show can change your opinion on him, thanks for commenting..have enjoyed visiting your site, have a great day.


      • I did like how they had flash in the Flashpoint series just before the new 52 was launched. I liked his interaction with Thomas Wayne as Batman it kinda was like and ELSEWORLD comic and I like ElseWorld stories. Thanks for the nice comment on my sight I look forward to chatting more!


      • Flashpoint was a fantastic mini series, particularly loved Thomas Wayne as the Batman, I also enjoy the Elseworld stories especially Gotham by Gaslight.


      • I haven’t read that one but I want to. I also haven’t read the one that was what if batman or superman was a soviet I know their supposed to be good just haven’t got to it yet.


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