New Comics Spotlight: Batman Essentials – Dark Knight Returns Special Edition #1.


New comics Wednesday is here again fellow comic fans, and with it comes another celebration of the Caped Crusader’s 75th anniversary with a re-release of issue #1 of the greatest Batman story ever written: The Dark Knight Returns. Originally released in 1986 as a four issue mini series, written and drawn by comic-book maestro – Frank Miller, the Dark Knight takes place years after Bruce Wayne has retired from his role as the Batman. As the years have progressed without Batman’s intervention Gotham has become even more of a cesspit of crime and corruption.


When former District Attorney Harvey Dent returns back to his life of crime and madness as Two Face, Bruce Wayne unable to contain the demons raging inside him, dons the cape and cowl once more, but after so many years of retirement and the fact that he isn’t a young man anymore…can even the Dark Knight bring justice back to the streets of Gotham?

This story is my personal favourite Batman tale of all time, Millers book is dark, gritty and at times just downright crazy! This was the story that paved the way for the character the Batman is today, a much darker and edgier character than he was portrayed previously. This also showcases the final confrontation between Batman and his nemesis the Joker, and the conclusion is absolutely unmissable to all fans…Highly recommended.

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