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Greetings friends, as I said in my last post about the London Film and Comic-con, I was inspired to cosplay at next years event. So, did I choose some thing nice and easy?… of course not! I have chosen to make a full set of Terminus Assault Armour from the game –  Mass Effect 3 (It was also in ME2 as a pre-order unlock).

So what does it look like you might ask, well….



I have been thinking that the best way to make this armour set would be by using Pepakura, this is a program that has a vast community of people supporting it and lets you print out on card (paper not recommended)  all sorts of models, including armour sets from most games/films. You just print out the patterns, stick them together and you have your armour.

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There are many ways to go about making the set, one way is to use Fibreglass mesh, on top of the card shapes you make using Pepakura, and sticking the mesh on with Fibreglass resin, which when it eventually sets will leave you with a rock hard but very light set of armour.

I have however chosen to use EVA Foam, this is the same stuff they use to the make interlocking foam mats that you see at the gym. It’s very light, but tough, also its nice and flexible when heated using a heat gun and when it cools it retains it shape. The plan is to use Pepakura to print out the parts of the armour then trace around the parts on the foam and cut them out, and so far testing has been going well…



This is just a little test a friend and I did on a helmet for Mass Effect’s Blood Dragon Armour, the eye shield is part of a motorcycle visor. A Dremel tool can be used to smooth off edges and seams.

That’s all for now, I will post more as the project advances…

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I'm a computer gamer, I live all things gaming and tech related. I also like lots of films and TV shows!

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  1. hi! you are making terminus armour! it’s cool! can you send me photos how it’s look like? my e-mail:


  2. Oh, it’s great, because i want to see how this armor will be look like! And I want to ask you, maybe you have this pepakura file:


  3. It’s great that you have part 2! I want to see it very much!
    but unfortunately man on this site, that you give me, lost the file! so if you have it, please send it to me! I will be grateful to you!


  4. Played through M.E. 1-3 twice, but have never seen that armor before. Looks like TRON and a Cylon got together and had a baby.


    • I do believe the Terminus armour was a pre-order bonus for Mass Effect 2, I didn’t pre-order it personally so also never saw the armour either! Really liked the Blood Dragon armour the most though.



    A fellow cosplayer TOO my friend!?? 🙂
    This design it crazy amazing as well as the pieces you’ve made! Please Don’t take this the wrong way as I’d never want you to feel uncomfortable, but love me a man that glue guns!!.. Is it possible you are my missing male twin?lol! 😀
    Did you ever finish this fantastic costume? 🙂

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    • Thank you for the kind words my friend :), but this article is by my friend and (very occasional) co-writer on this site, Rageypeep (or Pete, as he’s called in the real world). He and a good friend of his are amazing at building cosplay armour. He doesn’t get the time these days to write his cosplay articles as much as he’d like, but he is going to do a second post on the finished product, which looked amazing by the way. Hope you are well Sass, have a most excellent day.


  6. Thank you for your like,it seems as though you are busy so I will be back

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  7. I tried to give props to all my comic strip people and stretched myself and wrote a poem about the movie, Pink Flamingos,please don’t tell me you don’t know of this movie,that being said it’s called Eddy
    Don’t make me crawl back into the corner and suck my dust

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