We Love Kotobukiya – #2.


We love Starfire here at Precinct1313, she is one of our favourite female superheroes..(no.9 in our top 15 characters of all time 1313 fact fans), so allow us to share these pictures of the awesome Kotobukiya statue of the adorable alien Princess. This fantastic version of  Koriand’r of Tamaran was originally envisioned by Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita, and the statue is an amazing rendition of his original design by sculptor Toshiaki Hogari.

starfire kotobukiya illu

Standing at 1/7 scale, just over 8 inches in height, Starfire exudes beauty..from the intricately designed and beautiful face replete with her gorgeous bright green eyes to the the long flowing red hair, this statue encapsulates everything we adore about the one time Teen Titan heroine. The release date for the statue is tentatively put as sometime between September and November, which means we can add this to our Xmas present list along with the dozens of other toys and figures we need in our lives!

starfire artfx1koriand'r kotobukiyakoto kori4


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